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Product Summary

  • Sanitize Wash: Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria
  • Hot Air Refresh: Remove odors and bacteria without washing
  • Drum Sterilization: 90°C hygienic clean
  • Product dimensions: 600 x 599 x 850mm (WxDxH)
  • Water efficiency: 4 Ticks
  • Free basic installation
  • Delivery to walk-up apartments and carry up/down any stairs is chargeable / Levels with lift-landing is free.
  • Warranty: 2 years on parts & labour / 10 years on motor [Click to Register]


      Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria

      Your daily defence against external pollutants. Sanitize Wash program removes 99.9%* of bacteria at a low temperature wash of 40°C through the use of laundry sanitizer. Unlike the conventional method of cleaning at high temperatures, you can now give your clothes the protection they deserve without damaging them

      *Tested by SGS, based on GB 21551.5-2010. Removes up to 99.9% on Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Aspergillus niger with Sanitize Wash program at 40°C with laundry sanitizer at recommended dosage.

      Hygienically clean and fresh smelling laundry

      With a dedicated Laundry Sanitizer compartment within the detergent drawer, the SaniCare series incorporates both sanitizer and softener into the rinse cycle. It effectively sanitizes your clothes, offering a high level of hygiene in every wash, while keeping them fresh and soft.

      Removes odors and bacteria without washing

      Hot Air Refresh program uses heated air to remove unpleasant odors and bacteria without washing, making it ideal for non-washable household items such as pillows and stuffed toys, and wool coats and sweaters that have been stored for long periods. It also softens and de-wrinkles garments for immediate wear.

      Prevents 99% bacteria and mold growth

      The Antimicrobial Drawer and Bellow is injected with an anti-bacterial agent during production to help prevent 99%* bacteria and mold growth even after long-term usage

      *Tested by TÜV SÜD, Chinese Academy of Sciences for Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus.

      90°C hygienic clean

      Total cleanliness in-and-out. The Drum Clean program heats up a drum load of water at a high temperature of 90°C, effectively sterilizing and cleaning every nook and cranny to remove bacteria and germs for easy washer upkeep and a clean wash every time.

      Clean laundry at the touch of a button

      Whirlpool’s 6th SENSE intuitive technology in the Auto Start* function senses your laundry load and automatically selects a suitable wash program with a 3-second press on the Start button.

      *Not recommended for delicate garments.

      Add clothes at any time

      Missed out a shirt? Simply pause your wash cycle to add* your clothes at any time without compromising on wash performance with the Add Clothes option.

      *Only when Drum temperature is below 50°C

      Wash & dry in 60 minutes

      SaniCare Washer-dryers automatically complete a full wash and dry cycle within 60 minutes for a small load. Simply select the Wash & Dry 60’ program to get fresh and clean laundry effortlessly.

      Made a mess? Stain Wash is a dedicated program for tough stains’ removal using varying water temperature at different stages during the wash cycle, so as to ensure no mess is left uncleaned.

      Two different drying modes for convenience

      SaniCare Washer-dryers are equipped with the Dual Dry option to meet all your laundry needs. For busy days, use the Auto Drying program to wash and dry without the need to transfer any clothes out. It also functions as a standalone dryer to help dry wet laundry at any time.

      Dedicated program to remove tough stains

      Made a mess? Stain Wash is a dedicated program for tough stains’ removal using varying water temperature at different stages during the wash cycle, so as to ensure no mess is left uncleaned.

      Up to 8 hours tumble for less ironing

      Don’t rush and worry about getting the laundry after a cycle ends. With the Anti-wrinkle option, the drum continues to gently tumble for up to 8 hours. Your clothes remain fresh, soft, and unwrinkled for less ironing

      Innovative drum design to prevent fabric wear and tear

      SaniCare’s Care Lifter and innovative drum design minimizes friction between clothes when washing and drying, prevents fabric wear and tear and is also gentle to your laundry. In a Washer-dryer, the Care Lifter distributes hot air evenly for consistent drying performance.


      Display LED
      Control Touch
      Drum Stainless Steel
      Door Chrome Faced Black Door
      Motor Type Brushless Inverter Motor
      Dimensions W 600mm x H 850mm x D 599mm
      Maximum Spin Speed 1400rpm
      Temperature Range Cold - 90℃
      Programmes Mixed, Wash&dry60’, Gentle, Spin, Stain, Eco cotton, Wool, Hot air refresh, Sanitize wash, Drum clean
      Options Temp, Rinse, Speed, Dry, Anti wrinkle, Time
      wash, Delay end, Auto start, Add clothes
      Indicators Time remaining, Option selected
      Safety Features Child lock, Door lock
      Others Antiseptic detergent drawer & bellow
      Plug Type UK plug safety mark
      Electrical Connection 1750W
      Frequency 50Hz, 220 - 240V
      Length of Hose Inlet : 1100mm | Outlet : 1650mm
      Length of Electrical Cord 2000mm
      Product Dimensions W 600mm x H 850mm x D 599mm
      Packed Dimensions W 655mm x H 890mm x D 693mm
      Net Weight 67kg


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