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Mega Discount Store is your authorized retailer for redeeming NEA Climate Friendly Households Programme e-vouchers.

From 15 April 2024, HDB households can claim their Climate Vouchers by logging on to RedeemSG ( with their Singpass account. Simply present the voucher and proof of address at our retail stores. (Online purchases are not eligible for climate voucher use).

By switching to more efficient appliances and fittings, households can reduce their energy and/or water consumption, lower their utility bills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and play their part in slowing down climate change.

Click here to learn on how you can Claim & Spend Climate Vouchers.

Vouchers are redeemable at:
• 101 Thomson Road, United Square Mall, Basement 1, S307591 (📞6254-7998)
• 5 Stadium Walk, Kallang Leisure Park, Level 1, S397693 (📞6348-7998)

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Please refer to the table below for Mega Discount Store's eligible products.


Past Programme

Current Enhanced Programme

Household Eligibility 1-, 2- and 3-room HDB households All HDB households
Eligible Products




  • 3- or 4-tick refrigerators
  • 3-tick shower fittings
  • LED lights
  • 3- or 4-tick refrigerators
  • 2-tick and above LED lights*
  • 5-tick air-conditioners
  • 4-tick washing machines
  • Direct current fans


$225 worth of vouchers comprising:

  • $150 refrigerator voucher
  • $50 shower fittings voucher
  • $25 LED lights voucher

$300 Climate Vouchers in different denominations (e.g. $2, $5, $10 and $50) provided to each household which can be used to purchase eligible products


28 November 2020 to 20 March 2024

From 15 April 2024 to 31 December 2027

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    Programme Eligibility

    Who is eligible for the enhanced CFHP?

    Each HDB household is only entitled to one set of vouchers. To be eligible for the enhanced Climate Vouchers, the following needs to be met:

    • You are a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident, and           
    • Your residential address is registered at an HDB flat.
    I will be moving into my BTO/re-sale flat soon. Am I eligible for the programme?

    Yes, all new HDB flat homeowners are eligible for the vouchers during the length of the programme (i.e., before 31 December 2027). You may claim your vouchers once your official registered address for your new flat address has been reflected in Singpass.

    If I was eligible for the previous CFHP, am I eligible to apply for another set of Climate Vouchers under the enhanced CFHP?

    The previous round of Climate Vouchers expired on 20 March 2024.

    Regardless of whether you have redeemed Climate Vouchers under the previous CFHP, all HDB households are eligible for the new Climate Vouchers under the enhanced CFHP. You may claim a new set of vouchers at The enhanced Climate Vouchers will be available until 31 December 2027.

    Spending your Climate Vouchers

    Do I have to spend the full value of the Climate Vouchers (i.e. $300) in a single transaction?

    No. Each set of Climate Vouchers comes in multiple denominations ($2, $5, $10, $50) adding up to $300.

    You may select the voucher amount you would like to spend. For example, you can spend $30 worth of Climate Vouchers on eligible LED lights today and use the remaining $270 at a later date on another eligible product.

    How can I spend my Climate Vouchers?

    Tap on your unique voucher link from the SMS sent by

    1. Show the cashier any proof of the residential address that was used to claim the vouchers. The address displayed on the voucher should match the address displayed on the proof (e.g.NRIC).
    2. Choose the voucher amount you want to spend and show the QR code to the cashier for scanning.

    Vouchers can only be spent on eligible items.

    Can I use my own and someone else’s Climate Vouchers in a single transaction?

    Multiple Climate Vouchers across households cannot be combined in a single transaction.

    Can I spend my Climate Vouchers for online transactions?

    The Climate Vouchers are only accepted in-store through physical payment. Climate Vouchers cannot be used for in-app or online transactions.

    Can my household member (e.g. my child) spend the Climate Vouchers on my behalf?

    Yes. You may share your unique voucher link with your household members, by clicking on “Info & help”, followed by “Share your vouchers”. You can also forward the voucher link SMS from to your household members directly. However, please be careful when sharing your unique voucher link with others as anyone with access to the link may be able to spend the vouchers. We seek your understanding that there will be no reinstatement made for vouchers that were shared erroneously.

    • If your family member lives with you, they can produce their own NRIC or any document showing their HDB residential address to the retail staff at the point of purchase.
    • If your family member does not live with you, they will have to produce a copy of your personal identification document (showing your HDB address) to the retail assistant at the point of purchase.
    Can I ask a non-household member to use my vouchers to buy eligible items for me?

    Yes, you may authorise a non-household member to buy eligible items for you using your household’s vouchers. However, they will have to bring a copy of your personal identification document showing your HDB address for verification by the participating retailer.

    Do I get change back in cash if the purchase (e.g. $299) is less than the amount of digital vouchers that I want to spend (e.g. $300)?

    There will be no cash change provided if the purchase amount is less than the voucher amount selected.

    Do I need a mobile device to access the vouchers?

    Yes, you will need a mobile device with an active mobile data or internet connection plan.


    Can I request for a refund for the product I purchased using the Climate Voucher?

    All products purchased with the Climate Vouchers are strictly non-refundable. Please ensure that the products you are purchasing with the Climate Vouchers are suitable for your household, before proceeding with the purchase.

    Compatible DC Fan Models

    Stand / Tower / Wall Fan Models

    Dyson AM07
    Dyson TP07
    Dyson TP09

    Europace EBF-Z1
    Europace EBF-Z2
    Europace EJF-7981V
    Europace ERC-2182Z
    Europace ERC-5182Z
    Europace ERC-8182Z
    Europace ETF-7114D

    Midea MAM-060CPA-PWH
    Midea MSF-180R0A-PWH

    Mistral MBF-AP250
    Mistral MBF-AP460
    Mistral MBF-AP500
    Mistral MFD4500DR
    Mistral MHV1010DR
    Mistral MHV1412R-G
    Mistral MHV708R-G
    Mistral MHV-812R2-G
    Mistral MHV-840R-G
    Mistral MHV880R-G
    Mistral MHV-912R
    Mistral MHV-998R
    Mistral MHV999R
    Mistral MIF400RI
    Mistral MIF-407R
    Mistral MLF1200R
    Mistral MLF1488R
    Mistral MLF3508DR
    Mistral MMSF-12R
    Mistral MM-TF08K
    Mistral MWF-1454DR-G

    Novita F-1
    Novita F-3

    Philips AMF-765

    Pureflow QT7

    Sona SFS1186
    Sona SFS1189DC
    Sona SFS-9006
    Sona SFS-9009
    Sona STC1319DC

    Toshiba F-LSD10(W)SG

    NOTE: Please check for stock availability in advance before coming over, as we do not keep all the stock in store.

    Ceiling Fan Models

    Alaska ASPEN
    Alaska AURA
    Alaska AURA.H
    Alaska BAY
    Alaska BOW
    Alaska BURA
    Alaska BURA.H
    Alaska CURA
    Alaska CURA.H
    Alaska EASPEN
    Alaska ESKYE
    Alaska FERN
    Alaska HI OPAL
    Alaska HI PEARL
    Alaska HYSON
    Alaska OPAL
    Alaska PEARL
    Alaska SWISH

    Bestar DINO
    Bestar DUOHAGAR
    Bestar HALI
    Bestar RAPTOR
    Bestar RAPTURE
    Bestar RAZOR
    Bestar SLEEK
    Bestar STAR3
    Bestar STAR-5
    Bestar VESTA
    Bestar VINO
    Bestar VITO-3
    Bestar VITO-5
    Bestar WIND

    Decco ADELAIDE

    Fanco BEE
    Fanco B-STAR
    Fanco E-LITE
    Fanco DONO
    Fanco GALAXY5
    Fanco GIRASOL
    Fanco HELI
    Fanco HUGGER
    Fanco HURACAN
    Fanco RITO-3
    Fanco RITO-5
    Fanco SPACE 60"
    Fanco TRIBUTO
    Fanco VINO

    Fanztec Airmaster
    Fanztec AIRSTREAM
    Fanztec Breeze
    Fanztec FT-TWS1
    Fanztec T-4600
    Fanztec V3200

    KDK E-48GP
    KDK E-48HP
    KDK T60AW
    KDK U48FP
    KDK U60FW
    KDK W56WV

    Spin CARAMEL
    Spin ESPADA
    Spin QUINCY

    NOTE: Please check for stock availability in advance before coming over, as we do not keep all the stock in store.