Please keep your invoice for warranty claims.


1 year on parts / 5 years on compressor

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2-3 years on parts* / 10 years on motor

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Hob, Hood: 2 years [Register online]

Water Heater: 1 year [Register online]
Babyliss  1-2 years* [Register online]
Beko  2 years [Register online]
Bestar  [Register online]
Blueair  [Register online]
Bosch  2 years [Register online]
Brandt  2 years [Register online]
Braun  Shavers, epilators [Register online]
Cado  [Register online]
Chateau  [Register online]
Cornell  Keep your invoice
Daikin  System Aircon: 1 year parts, 5 years comrpessor [Register online]
Decco  [Register online]
Delonghi  Keep your invoice or [Register online]
Dreame  Keep your invoice [More info]
Dyson  [Register online]
EF  2 years [Register online]
Elba  1 year [Register online]
Electrolux  2 years [Register online]
Europace  [Register online]
Fanztec  [Register online]
Fisher & Paykel  [Register online]
Fujioh  1 year [Register online]

Rice Cooker, Vacuum Cleaner, Air Purifier: 1 year

Fridge, Washer, Dryer, Washer Dryer: 2 years (2nd year excludes transport)

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Honeywell  [Register online]
Igloohome Keep your invoice [More info]
Iona  Keep your invoice or [Register online]
Kadeka  [Register online]
 KDK  [Register online]
Kenwood  Keep your invoice or [Register online]
KIIZON  [Register online]
Kuvings  [Register online]

Vacuum, Dehumidifier, Air Purifier, Soundbar, Speaker, Microwave: 1 year

Washer, Dryer, Washer Dryer, Fridge, Styler, Dishwasher: 2 years

TV: 3 years

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Mayer  [Register online]
Midea  [Register online]
Mistral  [Register online]
Mitsubishi Electric  [Register online]
Nespresso  2 years [Register online]
Novita  [Register online]
Olee  [Register online]
Oral-B  [Register online]
Oster  1 year [Register online]
Panasonic 1 year [Register online]
Pest-Stop  [Register online]
Philips [Register online]
Revlon  [Register online]
Rommelsbacher  [Register online]

Vacuum, Air Purifier, Soundbar, Speaker, Microwave: 1 year

Washer, Dryer, Washer Dryer, Fridge, AirDresser, Built-in Appliances: 2 years

TV: 1 year (Register online to enjoy additional 2 years)

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Samsung Digital Lock [Register online]
Severin [Register online]
Sharp [Register online]
Soundteoh [Register online]
Smeg [Register online]
Sona  [Register online]
SPIN [Register online]
Takahi  [Register online]
Tecno  [Register online]
Tefal  2 years: Keep your invoice [More info]
Tescom  [Register online]
Toshiba  [Register online]
Trentios  [Register online]
Vintec  1 year [Register online]
VS Sassoon [Register online]

Microwave, Oven: 1 year

Washer, Dryer, Washer Dryer, Fridge, Built-in Appliances: 2 years

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Zojirushi  Keep your invoice


*depends on certain models

**warranty is not applicable to products such as filters and accessories.