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Key Features
  • AI Control
  • AI Wash
  • Auto Detergent Dispenser
  • Pet Care
  • Dimensions: 686 x 796 x 984 mm (WDH)

  • 2 years warranty by Samsung
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Enjoy efficient cleaning, even at low temperatures*.

The clothes are in the drum with bubbles.

* Tested in accordance with IEC 60456-2010 / 4kg Wash Load / Super Eco Wash cold (WF80F5E5U4W) vs. Cotton 40°C without Ecobubble™ (WF0702WKU). Individual results may vary.

AI Wash

Wash clothes thoroughly*, but gently with less waste and effort**.

Transparent drum in WD6000BK. AI Wash operates in 4 steps. Step 1: wash load sensing, Step 2: water level sensing, Step 3: soil level sensing, Step 4: detergent level sensing.

* Based on an AI-created algorithm. Actual results may vary depending on individual use.** AI Wash holds detergent for up to 1 month’s washing, based on the average of 4 loads per week. May vary depending on the washing load and settings.

Auto Detergent Dispenser

Get the best washing results* with less waste and effort.

Top view of the Auto Dispenser. Auto Softener and Auto Detergent are printed on the dispenser.

* Actual results may vary depending on individual use.

Suits your style, fits into your space

Enhance your home with a sleek, premium look. The washing machine’s simple and flat design blends harmoniously with any modern interior space. Its elegant flat front and back ensure it will fit seamlessly with other appliances and kitchen furniture.


Wash more at once

Large Capacity

Wash many more laundry items at once – saving time and effort. The washing machine has a large capacity, so you can fit lots of clothes into a single load, including big items like a king-sized comforter. It means you need to do fewer washes and can enjoy more time for yourself.

More intelligent & efficient washing

AI Control

Wash laundry easily and effectively with AI Control. It personalises washing by remembering your habits, suggesting cycles* and displaying timely information. The SmartThings App** offers advice on cycles, planning and troubleshooting. And it selects the ideal drying course for a wash cycle**'.

* Messages with cycle suggestions are displayed on a smartphone App.** Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.**' Auto Cycle Link is only available when both the washer and dryer have AI Control and Wi-Fi connected.

Speed Shot

Complete a Cotton course in 30 minutes* with Speed Shot. Using Bubble Shot and Speed Spray technologies, it shoots powerful jets of water infused with detergent, which rapidly penetrate a large area of fabric. It also shoots clean water into the fabric to quickly extract more detergent residue.

The drum of WD6000BK is filled with bubbles, foam, and a spray of water. 2x Faster Bubble Penetration and bubble shot. 130degree Wide Angle Speed Spray technology can shoot powerful jets of water, rapidly penetrating a large area of fabric. The entire washing process takes 30min.


* Based on internal testing using a Normal course at 40°C with a DOE 3kg load. Results may vary depending on the actual usage conditions.

Air Wash

Keep clothes hygienically fresh, even without water and detergent. Air Wash technology deodorises and sanitises clothes, so they always smell great. Unpleasant odours as well as 99.9% of bacteria* are removed using just the power of heated air – no need for boiling water or costly and potentially harmful chemicals.

A strong airflow is coming out from the WD6000BK, and the icons below describe bacteria, germ, bugs, pollen removal and large dolls can be washed.

* Based on the Intertek test report. Removes 99.9% of certain bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. Individual results may vary.

Hygiene Steam

Give clothes a deep, hygienic clean with steam that improves the cleaning quality of your wash without pre-treatments. It releases steam from the bottom of the drum, so every item is thoroughly saturated. It removes ingrained grime, up to 99.9% of bacteria* and inactivates allergens derived from house dust mites**. Hygiene Steam cycle reduces exposure house dust mite, cat, dog, grass pollen and fungi**'.

Steam is dispersed inside the washing machine and soak clothes in the drum.

* Based on the Intertek test report for the Hygiene steam course. Removes up to 99.9% of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. Individual results may vary.** Based on the Intertek test report for the Hygiene steam course. **' Based on The British Allergy Foundation (BAF) test report for the Hygiene Steam course, Allergy UK considers that this product will, in proper use, reduce exposure house dust mite, cat, dog, grass pollen and fungi.

Peaceful washing at anytime and anywhere


Do your laundry anytime and anywhere without disturbing anyone. Innovative VRT+™ technology reduces noise and vibration during washes*. A new frame design also provides great stability to minimize noisy movement. And vibration sensing technology detects and reduces vibration from the motor.

While the washer runs silently, the boy reads the book during the day and the mother puts the baby to sleep at night.

* Tested on WF8000R. Compared to Samsung conventional model without VRT+™.

Keep the washer drum & door gasket fresh

Drum Clean+

Keep the door and inside of your washer hygienically clean. Drum Clean+ removes dirt and 99.9% of odours-causing bacteria* from the drum, without using detergent. A powerful water jet and fast spinning also remove grime from around the door gasket. And it notifies you when it needs cleaning**.

The washer drum is surrounded by clean water and water jets are cleaning the inside. Close-up image of a rubber door gasket being cleaned.

* Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria (Pseudomonas Aeruginosa) from the inside of the washer and removes dirt from the rubber gasket. Based on testing witnessed by Intertek of the Drum Clean + cycle.** Provides a notification after every 40 cycles.

Stay clean and smelling fresh with pets

Pet Care

Stay clean and fresh with pets. The Pet Care cycle is up to 24% more effective at removing 7 types of pet soiling*. It also removes up to 99.9% of odours** caused by pet soiling, as well as up to 99% of allergens**' from pet fur and dust.

* Based on internal testing, certified by KATRI (Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute), on a 1.5kg load of IEC cotton fabric. Test method: a 10x10cm fabric specimen polluted with 7 pollutants: mud, blood, grass, animal fat, milk, soot, mineral oil, and attached to an IEC towel, and then washed using a Normal course and the Pet Care course and the results compared. Result: 24% improvement in removing the pollutants tested. Results may vary depending on actual usage conditions.** Based on internal testing, as witnessed and confirmed by Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, on a 1.5kg load of IEC cotton fabric. Test method: a 15x15cm standard fabric specimen polluted with 5 gases: Acetic Acid (sour smell), Iso Valeraldehyde (damp smell), Methyl Mercaptan (rotting vegetable smell), Tri Methyl Amine (fishy smell) and Nonanal (body odor), and then washed using the Pet Care course. Result: removed 99.9% of the gases tested. Result may vary depending on actual usage conditions.**' Testing by Hanyang university based on Samsung internal protocols. Results provided to and interpreted by Intertek, on a 1.5kg load of IEC cotton fabric. Test method: a 10x10cm fabric specimen polluted with dog and cat hair and dust, and them washed using the Pet Care course. Result: removed 99% of the dog/cat allergens tested. Result may vary depending on actual usage conditions.

How to measure


DOOR Tempered Glass Door
  • AI Control
  • AI Wash
  • Add Garments
  • Air Sanitise
  • Spin Speed: 1100 rpm
  • Bubble Soak
  • Bubble technology
  • Motor DIT
  • Auto Dispense
  • Interior Drum Light
  • Language Setting
  • Smart Control
  • Speed Shot
  • Child Lock
  • Delay End
  • Door Lock
  • Drum Clean+
  • Drum type: Swirl Plus
  • Dry Level: Cupboard, Extra, Delicates, Time dry
  • Drying Time selector
  • Eco Bubble
  • Hot+Cold Water Inlet
  • My Cycle
  • Quick Wash
  • Steam
  • Super Speed: No
  • AI Wash
  • Active Wear
  • Air Bedding Care
  • Air Sanitise
  • Baby Care
  • Bedding
  • Blouses
  • Cotton
  • Delicates
  • Denim
  • Drum Clean+
  • Dry Only
  • Outdoor
  • Pet Care
  • Quick Wash
  • Rinse + Spin
  • Self Tub Dry
  • Shirts
  • Spin for Dry
  • Spin Only
  • Towels
  • Wash+Dry
  • Wool
  • Hygiene Steam
Net Dimension WHD 686 x 984 x 796 mm
Gross Dimension WHD 767 x 1142 x 887 mm
Net Weight 101 kg
Gross Weight 109 kg
Smart WiFi Embedded
App Connectivity SmartThings App Support