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Key Features
  • 7-Days Freshness with PrimeFresh+ Freezing
  • Combats Bacteria and Keeps Refrigerator Hygienic
  • Fresh Storage with Optimum Temperature
  • Superior Energy Savings Features
  • Bottom Freezer
  • Storage Capacity: 405L
  • Dimensions: 686 x 697 x 1790 mm (WDH)
  • 1 year warranty by Panasonic

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1. 7-Days Freshness with PrimeFresh+ Freezing
- 7-Days Freshness for meat, fish and cooked food, with soft freezing at -3°C which retains nutrients and taste of food
- PrimeFresh+ Freezing reaches -3°C 4 times faster to soft freeze food so that there is no damage to cells
- Saves time and offers more convenience as there is no need to defrost the food
2. Combats Bacteria and Keeps Refrigerator Hygienic
- Blue Ag+ technology* that combines blue LED light with Ag Filter that deactivate 99.99% of bacteria and mold
- Ag Clean feature helps keep air clean and deactivate mold and bacteria using silver ions
3. Fresh Storage with Optimum Temperature
- Unique cooling technology maintains optimum temperature in each compartment so food is stored at
an ideal temperature
- Fresh Safe vegetable case with airtight structure so that 90 percent humidity is retained to ensure fruits
and vegetables remain crisp and moist
4. Superior Energy Savings Features
- Energy savings features with ECONAVI sensors and intelligent INVERTER control helps to minimize
electricity consumption