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Key Features
  • 3 Zones with Single Flex Zone
  • 9 Power Level + Max Boost
  • Wi-Fi® Smart Control
  • Net Dimensions: 600 x 520 x 48 mm (WDH)
  • Cut-out Dimensions: 560 x 480 mm (WD)
  • 2 years warranty by Samsung

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Elevate your culinary experience

NZ8500BM is installed in the kitchen. It goes well with the modern and luxurious mood.


Extra cooking space

Flex Zone Plus

A rectangle pan with shrimps and limes is on the Flex Zone Plus. Icon shows the Flex Zone Plus can be used in three ways. First is one large rectangle pan. Second is small sized pan and large sized pan. Third is two medium sized cook ware.Prepare a diverse array of dishes simultaneously. The Flex Zone Plus is a single flex zone featuring a spacious cooking area with denser heating elements to offer greater flexibility. It accommodates various cookware, including large and elongated dishes, and even intelligently detects the quantities, sizes, and shapes. As a result, your culinary creations are consistently cooked to perfection, with less dead zones.

* Based on the 60cm models. Each 'Flex Zone Plus' area can accommodate cookware of up to 38x21cm.
** Minimum detectable diameter of the bottom of cookware is 14cm.

Four oval-shaped heat sources are under the rectangle pan. Icon shows the Flex Zone Plus can be used in three ways. First is one large rectangle pan. Second is small sized pan and large sized pan. Third is two medium sized cook ware.

Cook a greater variety of dishes at once. The Flex Zone Plus is a wide, open area with denser heating elements. It offers the flexibility to use different cookware, including large and long dishes*, and detects** the number, size and shape. So everything is cooked evenly, with less dead zones.


Flexible & efficient

Dual Ring

The two concentric ring lines on the cooktop let the user know where to place the different sized pans and pots. Inner concentric ring lines size is 21cm, Outer concentric ring lines size is 28cm.Experience enhanced cooking efficiency and flexibility with the innovative Dual Ring*. It has two concentric rings that can seamlessly combine into one large 28cm Burner**. Whether you're preparing paella or delicate crepes, it will accommodate pots and pans of various sizes by automatically selecting the ideal ring size for your cookware.

*Available on certain models. **Based on the 60cm models. Each ring can accommodate cookware with the following diameters: Outer ring - up to 28cm, Inner ring - up to 21cm.


Remote monitoring

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Two pots with delicious food are boiling on the cooktop, and a woman is monitoring the cooktop status remotely near the sofa via the SmartThings app on her smartphone.

Experience greater convenience with Wi-Fi Connectivity. Using the SmartThings App*, you can remotely monitor** your cooktop from anywhere, ensuring a peace of mind. This feature allows you to check if the rings are on, even when you're away, and saves you time by remotely setting the timer and receive alerts. Additionally, it aids in troubleshooting errors, making your cooking experience worry-free.

* Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.
** Only monitoring is available. The cooktop cannot be turned on/off using a smartphone.


Combined control

Auto Connectivity

Save the time and effort of controlling the hood and hob separately. The Auto Connectivity function wirelessly aligns their status. It lets you control the hood using the one-touch controls of the hob*. You can instantly turn them on and off together for the ultimate in convenience.

You can control the hood and cooktop at once by connecting them via Bluetooth.

* Only available when used in combination with a Samsung hood.


More space, less effort

Slim Fit

Add useful extra storage space to your kitchen*. The hob’s slim fit design fits harmoniously with a wide variety of worktops regardless of their thickness. It also means there is more space for a larger storage drawer. Plus, it is easier to fit, reducing the time and cost of installation.

* Compared to the NZ63N9777GK/E1 model. The cooktop’s thickness is reduced from 56mm to 48mm and the minimum worktop thickness is reduced from 20cm to 10mm.※ The height of the cooktop is approximately 44mm excluding the ceramic glass, which is 4mm thick.


How to measure

The height of the cooktop is approximately 44mm excluding the ceramic glass, which is 4mm thick.

The cooktop measures 590mm wide, 520mm deep, and 44mm* high. The 44mm* height must fit inside the countertop cutout. Countertop cutouts must be 559-561mm wide, 479-481mm deep, and maximum R25mm round corners. There must be minimum 55mm of uncut space on the back of the cutout and minimum 50mm of uncut space on the front of the cutout. The minimum height of 15mm under the cooktop plus the minimum thickness of the countertop of 10mm must be minimum 59mm. Drawers installed under the cooktop must be minimum 20mm from the rear wall. When the cooktop is installed, there must be minimum 500mm of space above the cooktop and minimum 50mm to the right of the cooktop.




Model Type Install Built-in
Control Method Touch
Features Child Safety Lock
Kitchen Timer
Residual Heat Indicator
Safety Shutoff
High Temp. Limit
Auto Pan Detection
Sound on/off
Power On/Off
Cooktop 3 Burners
Smart WiFi Embedded
App Connectivity SmartThings App Support
Power/Ratings Total Power: 3.4 kW
Flex Zone: 3.0 / 3.3 kW
Flex Zone Graphic Size: W 210 X L 380 mm
Qty of Power Boost: 3
Power Level: 9 + Boost
Burner - Left Front: Flex - 2000 / 3200 W
Burner - Left Rear: Flex - 2000 / 3200 W
Burner - Right: 280 mm - 2400 / 3400 W
Package (WxHxD) 690 x 108 x 645 mm
Cutout (WxHxD) 560 x 480 mm
Net (WxHxD) 600 X 48 X 520 mm
Weight (Gross) 14.0 kg