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Key Features
  • Seamless & Recessed Handle Design
  • Quick Defrost
  • Ceramic Inside
  • Dial Control & Simple Ux
  • Auto Cook Programme
  • Dimensions: 489 x 377 x 275 mm
  • 1 year warranty by Samsung

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Stylish & Durable

Shows the microwave oven on the counter top of a modern kitchen.


Neat & modern design

Seamless & Recessed Handle Design

Transform your kitchen into a space with an ultra-modern feel, featuring a seamlessly stylish design. Highlighted by a minimalist flat door with stainless steel accents* and recessed handles positioned at both the top and bottom, this design exudes sleekness while you can conveniently open the door using either handle.

The microwave has seamless and recessed handles. Close-ups show the handles located at the top and bottom of the door.

* Available in two colour options : Silver, Black. Available colour(s) may vary by country.



Durable & convenient

Sheath Heater

Enjoy a durable and convenient way of cooking. Its Sheath Heater is made of metal and will not break easily by ordinary impacts. As a result, it does not need a heat cover to protect it, which makes it easier to clean.

Shows a Sheath Heater on the ceiling inside a microwave. A person cleans the sheath heater with a cloth.


Defrost food quickly

Power Defrost

Save time defrosting frozen ingredients. Power Defrost offers options for 5 common food types: meat, poultry, fish, bread/cake, and fruit. Input the type and weight, and it calculates the optimal defrosting time and power*, enabling you to prepare ingredients swiftly** while preserving nutrients.

Shows the defrosting weight for 4 common foods: meat = 200g-1500g, poultry = 200g-1500g, fish 200g-1500g and bread = 125g-1000g.

* May not be suitable for certain food items. Results may vary depending on the actual usage conditions.
** Based on internal testing conducted in accordance with the IEC standard.



Quick & easy control

Dial Control & Simple UX

Experience a hassle-free and efficient cooking experience with our user-friendly control panel. Featuring only a handful of buttons to manage essential functions commonly used, along with a dial for enhanced usability and precise control, you can effortlessly select and adjust settings to suit your needs.

A person is turning the dial on the microwave and controlling it.


Easy clean interior


Simplify post-cooking cleanup effortlessly. The CERAMIC INSIDE™️ can be cleaned without scrubbing and remains free from discolouration*. The product “enamel of microwave oven” shows an antibacterial** activity of 99.9%*. Plus, it’s about 24x more scratch resistant*** than stainless steel.

A person cleans up the surface of the microwave oven with a simple swipe with a cloth.

* Based on internal testing. Test 1. High temperature & humidity: 120 hours in a humidity tank at 60°C and 90% humidity. Test 2. Chemicals: (a) Acid resistance: 15 minutes in a citronic acid solution. (b) Alkali resistance: 15 minutes in an anhydrous sodium carbonate solution. Both then soaked for 1 hour in a 5% sodium hydroxide solution. Result: no abnormalities found.
** Based on internal testing in accordance with the ISO 22196 standard. Prevents the growth of 99.9% of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli bacteria. Results may vary depending on the actual usage conditions.
*** Based on internal testing in the Global Technology Center of Samsung in accordance with the ISO 20502 standard. For a critical load of scratches, the CERAMIC INSIDE™ enamel is about 24x more durable than stainless steel. Results may vary depending on the actual usage conditions.


Desserts made easy

Home Dessert

Indulge in delightful homemade desserts without the hassle of preheating an oven or spending excessive time in the kitchen. Simply choose the dessert you want, mix the ingredients and select the Home Dessert option. From Walnut Pound Cake to Banana Bread, Sponge Cake, Brownies, and Egg Pudding, enjoy a variety of treats with ease.

Two women are eating pound cake in a kitchen. User can make pound cake, banana bread, egg pudding and brownies using the microwave.

* For detailed recipes, please refer to the manual.


Cook food precisely

Auto Cook

Achieve precise cooking results effortlessly with our Auto Cook feature. Say goodbye to guesswork and enjoy delicious dishes with ease. With options for 15 frequently cooked dishes such as poultry, pasta, fish, and vegetables, each pre-programmed with the appropriate mode, time, and temperature, cooking has never been simpler. Just select the type and weight of food, and follow our instructions in the manual* for perfect results every time.

Shows a variety of foods like stake, pizza, fish and desserts.

* How thoroughly each dish is cooked may vary depending on the ingredients and menu.


Less standby energy

ECO Mode

Home appliances that stay powered on every day waste a certain amount of power without you noticing. However, the Standby Mode can reduce this unnecessary energy consumption*. When you are not cooking, it turns off the microwave oven’s display and uses the minimum power to keep it ready to use.

Shows the control panel of microwave. The icon for energy saving is displayed on the side.

* Based on internal testing of the MW5500 model in Standby Mode. Test method: Input power = 230V. Stabilize it in the indoor conditions and measure the power consumption for 30 minutes to calculate the 1st average power consumption in Standby Mode. After 30 minutes, use the same procedure and calculate the 2nd average power consumption in Standby Mode. Determine the final power consumption by calculating the average of the 1st and 2nd measured values. Test result: Normal mode = 0.60W (variable). Standby Mode = 0.35W.


How to measure

Shows the front and side of the microwave oven to illustrate how to measure its size. Its dimensions are: height = 297.3mm, width = 517mm, depth = 440mm.


Product type Solo
Type Freestanding


Oven capacity 23L


Color(Door/ Cabinet) Black Stainless Steel / Black
Control method Tact & Dial
Door type Recessed Handle
Cavity material Ceramic enamel
Turntable size 288 mm
Display Type LED (White)


Power source 230V/50Hz
Output power (Microwave) 800 W
Power consumption (Microwave) 1250 W
Power level  6


Clock Yes
30 sec. Plus Yes
Eco Mode Yes
Defrost (Auto/ Power/ Sensor) Quick
Sensor Cook No
Steam Cook No
Auto Programs Yes
Auto Cook Yes
Home Dessert Yes
Bread Defrost No
Keep Warm Yes
Steam Clean No
Turntable on/off No
Deodorization Yes
Child Safety Lock Yes
Kitchen Timer No
Memory Yes
Sound on/off Yes
Language Option No
Others Healthy Cooking
Product Origin Malaysia

Included Quick guide label

Cavity  330 x 211 x 324 mm
Outside 489 x 275 x 377 mm
Shipping 560 x 332 x 428 mm
Weight (Net) 12.2 kg
Weight (Shipping) 13.4 kg