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Key Features
  • 130 menus and 104 auto menus
  • Easy to Use Control Panel
  • Auto Cleaning Mode (Cleaning, Deodorizing, Draining)
  • Temperature [℃]: 250*3/100-210 Leaven(30/35/40/45)
  • 1 year warranty by Hitachi

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Home Cooking

Made Easy & Delicious

With a combination of 5 different heating methods, Hitachi's microwave oven comes with 130 menus and 104 auto menus. From fried chicken to vegetables, cook up a storm and impress your family!

Auto Cooking

By scanning the amount of food, the oven automatically cooks. While the weight sensor scans the food, the Steam / Temperature Sensor controls heating by detecting steam and temperature to prevent overheating.

1. Steam / Temperature Sensor

2. Weight Sensor*1

*1 The sensor measures the weight of the food (including dishes). Auto controls 100-900g for heating, 100-1,000g for defrosting and boiling and 100-600g for frozen rice. Please reduce the amount if the heating is not working properly. Please unwrap when defrosting. 100-500g for boiling vegetables.

* The image is for illustrative purposes only.

Bake Fresh!

250°C 1-Layer Oven*1

Enjoy fresh home-made bread and dessert with 250°C heating and a wide 1-layer metal tray. Now you can bake up to 48 cookies*2 at one go!

* The images are illustrative purposes only.
*1 Approx. 5 minutes of operation time at 250°C. This is followed by a switch to 210°C.
*2 Weight per 1 piece: 6.4g (before cooking) / 5.5g (after cooking) and size per 1 piece: Diameter 30mm.

Reheat Two Dishes at the Same Time

Convenient when you need to serve two dishes at the same time. The sensor detects the weight of each dish, determines a suitable temperature*1 and cooks both ideally at the same time.

* The image is for illustrative purposes only.

*1 The cooked condition may differ depending on the shape of the food, the temperature of inside of the microwave and dishes. The temperature is the average temperature of food cooked with auto menus. The setting temperature differs depending on the type of food / drinks. A single serving of food is Approx. 100g to 300g.

Easy to Use Control Panel

Frequently used functions are easily accessible.

* The image is for illustrative purposes only.

Monitor Your Cooking

Monitor your cooking progress with the brightly coloured walls and easy-viewing transparent window.

* The images are for illustrative purposes only.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Removable ceramic tray, water tank and drip tray for easy washing. The flat surfaces of the sides and the heater are a breeze to wipe down, too.

Cleaning Mode

With 3 cleaning modes available: Steam to soften grime*1 on the silicon-coating walls inside the oven, deodorise for after baking, and drainage for the remaining water in the supply pipe after steam cooking.

* The image is for illustrative purposes only.

*1 Please clean the inside often. If you keep using the oven with boiled soup or cooking scraps remaining inside, it becomes hard to clean them off. There might be cases when the coating of the inside walls peels off, but it will not affect the performance and specifications.


Oven Capacity [L]*1 31
Sensor Weight Sensor
Steam/Temperature Sensor
Microwave Microwave Power [W]: 1000*2/700(Max.10min)/600/500/200/100
Oven Heater: Radiant Heater 1 Layer-Cooking
Temperature [℃]: 250*3/100-210 Leaven(30/35/40/45)
Grill Radiant Heater
Steam Water Tank
Superheated Steam: Boiler
Recipes Total Recipes: 130
Auto Menu: 104
Features LCD Display (Without Backlight)
Auto Cleaning Mode (Cleaning, Deodorizing, Draining)
Washiable Ceramic Tray
Lightning Insede the Oven Incandescent Light
Bright Interior (sides/Back)
Accessories Washable Ceramic Tray
Metal Tray
Dimensions [mm] Exterior [mm]

* The image is for illustrative purposes only.

(): Including Handle
Oven Cavity W×D×H [mm]: 401×344×218
Installation [mm] *4

* The image is for illustrative purposes only.

Back Free *5
Rated Voltage [V] & Frequency [Hz] AC230V (50Hz)
Max. Power Consumtion [W] Microwave: 1,450
Oven: 1,240
Grill: 1,240
Net Weight [kg] Approx. 16
Body Colour Red

*1 In accordance with "Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS)".

*2 Maximum three minutes with the short duration, high output function. Only works with limited functions such as Auto Reheat.

*3 Operating time is five minutes at maximum heat. Automatically reduces from 250℃ to 210℃.

*4 Please follow the required spacing between the oven and the wall. Keep away from heat-sensitive furnitures or walls with outlets as they may deform. Keep the cord away from the exhaust vents and hot areas of the oven. If you intend to place it on top the refrigerator, ensure that the heat resistance of the refrigerator is min. 100°C.

*5 There may be contact marks or condensation depending on the wall material.
Leave a small gap between the wall and the main unit, and place aluminum foil on the wall side to protect it. If the back is position next to a glass wall, please leave min. 20cm space to prevent the glass from breaking due to temperature differences.

*Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.

*Colour tone of actual products may differ from those shown in this catalog.