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Key Features
  • Auto Clean Technology
  • 6TH Sense 3Dry Technology
  • 6TH Sense Technology
  • 6TH Sense Softmove
  • 6TH Sense Freshcare+
  • 22 In-built Cycles
  • Duo Filter
  • Drying Capacity: 9kg
  • Dimensions: 595 x 656 x 849 mm (WDH)
  • 2 years warranty by Whirlpool

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Automatic Condenser Cleaning Technology

Effortless dryer filter cleaning. Whirlpool's patented True Auto Clean technology* preserves the cleanliness of the filter before the evaporator by collecting any residual lint, preventing any condenser damage. Two water pipes use condensation water on the filter before being drained, helping it stay clean for superior dryer performance.

*Patent filed in the US under Whirlpool Corporation with registration # US11142864B2.


Multidimensional Drying

The 6TH SENSE 3DRY Technology transports hot air into the drum from its 2 lifters to its back. This generates a 3D airflow effect that provides an even distribution of heat within the dryer, allowing effective drying results even for bulky items.

Effortless Drying

Effortless drying. 6TH SENSE Technology offers perfect drying results while saving energy by offering an optimal drying cycle based on the humidity and size of your laundry load.


Preserving and Protecting Garmens

Treat your laundry with the utmost care - the SoftMove drum provides various kinds of airflow and tumble while cushioning your load as it lands within.


Simplify Drying Routine

Dry your laundry using easily accessible 22 in-built cycles designed to provide special care through specific drum movements for different types of fabrics.



Worry less about unloading your laundry immediately. FreshCare+ maintains your fresh laundry's softness and freshness for up to 6 hours with gentle tumbles in the drum in ideal temperatures, preventing creasing and odours from forming.


Freshening Laundry Swiftly

Refresh freshens up your clothing without any washing needed. Fresh air is used to penetrate deep into your clothing's fibres, helping to remove odours while smoothing out creases in just 20 minutes.


Fuss-Free Drying

Dry your laundry according to your needs with specific dryness levels. The dryer will automatically finish its cycle when its sensors detect that your laundry has reached the selected dryness.


Convenience with Ironing

Looking to remove creases without an ironing board? The dryer's Easy Ironing Cycles uses gentle heating and tumbling that removes wrinkles on your garments instantly.

Designed to Complement

The Supreme Twin set is designed with a premium look that complements each other perfectly. It also comes with a stacking kit that seamlessly fits each other when stacked on top, saving you space at ease. The stacking kit is also a working shelf where you can choose to fold your laundry or act as a platforms for baskets.

Swift Laundry Cleaning

Swiftly wash and dry your family's laundry using a cycle that lasts less than 3 hours.

*Based on Rapid 30' Cycles (max 5kg) on the Washer & Mixed Cycle (max 4kg) on the dryer.


Silent Washing

Worry less about the time of day to do your laundry - Supreme Silence minimises noise generate from washing, drying and spinning as you peacefully unwind.


The Perfect Care for Fabrics

Collect your laundry later. The Supreme Twin pairing both offer absolute convenience with FreshCare+, which preserves the freshness of your laundry for up to 6 hours by preventing wrinkles and odour through periodic gentle tumbles within optimal temperatures inside the drum.


Display LCD
Control Interactive knob
Drum Stainless Steel
Door Black & Chrome
Motor Type Inverter Motor
Programmes Eco, Cotton, Mixed, Synthetics, Wool, Delicates, Bed linen, Duvet, Refresh, Rapid 30”, Shirts, Jeans, Sport, Easy Ironing, More cycles
Options (Microfiber, Towel, Technical wera, Down jackets, Mats, Lingerie, Cuddly toys, Mixed colors)
Indicators Freshcare+, Start Delay 1-24h, Dryness level, Timed drying, Rapid
Safety Features Child lock, Door lock
Others Time remaining, Option selected, Full tank, Clean filter, End of cycle
Plug Type UK plug safety mark
Electrical Connection 850 W
Frequency 50Hz, 220 - 240V
Length of Electrical Cord 1500mm
Product Dimensions W 595mm x H 849mm x D 656mm
Packed Dimensions W 655mm x H 874mm x D 684mm
Net Weight 51 kg