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Key Features
  • Product dimensions: 595 x 605 x 845 mm (WDH)
  • 2 years warranty by Whirlpool

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Maximum Bacteria Removal

Clean your clothing completely by using the Hybrid Steam-Oxy water wash. After a wash, steam is used to prevent bacteria growth and allergens while softening clothing fabrics. OxyCare is then utilised for a deep disinfection - eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria and 99.6% of dust mites.


Sterilize almost everything without Water Wash

With the Oxy Refresh program, it uses Steam and OxyCare to sanitize and sterilize, and to remove odors and wrinkles on your clothes. Perfect for bedding items such as pillow and bedsheets, and clothes that have been kept in your wardrobe for a long time, so that you can have ready-to-wear clothes in a split second.


Eliminates Allergens with Sanitise Program

With high temperature, the Sanitise Program purifies your clothing by removing up to 99.9% of bacteria, dust mites and rodent viruses.


Freshen Laundry without Washing

Freshen your garments without the need for a full water wash with Steam Refresh in 25 minutes. The cycle releases a stream of steam that penetrates deep into their fibres, smoothing out wrinkles and eliminating odours.



FreshCare+ protects your laundry from wrinkles and odours for up to 6 hours inside the washer after a cycle by using steam and gentle tumbling within the drum, allowing you to collect them at a later time.


Rapid Cleaning

Quickly clean lightly soiled clothing with Full Load 45'. The program adjusts washing, rinsing, and spin timings to meet the desired time.


Over 100 Stains Removal

Tackle more than 100 difficult types of stains effectively using a 40°C wash that gradually increases in heat*, offering you an easier time with washing.

*Results based on external lab tests conducted on selec Whirlpool model under testing condition Stain cycle at 40°C, Cotton and 4kg load. Results may vary accordingly.


Over 22 In-Built Cycles

The washer's in-built cycles provide tailored care for a wide range of laundry washing needs, ranging from daily washing to rarely worn garments.



Designed to Complement

The Supreme Twin set is designed with a premium look that complements each other perfectly. It also comes with a stacking kit that seamlessly fits each other when stacked on top, saving you space at ease. The stacking kit is also a working shelf where you can choose to fold your laundry or act as a platforms for baskets.


Swift Laundry Cleaning

Swiftly wash and dry your family's laundry using a cycle that lasts less than 3 hours.

*Based on Rapid 30' Cycles (max 5kg) on the Washer & Mixed Cycle (max 4kg) on the dryer.


Silent Washing

Worry less about the time of day to do your laundry - Supreme Silence minimises noise generate from washing, drying and spinning as you peacefully unwind.


The Perfect Care for Fabrics

Collect your laundry later. The Supreme Twin pairing both offer absolute convenience with FreshCare+, which preserves the freshness of your laundry for up to 6 hours by preventing wrinkles and odour through periodic gentle tumbles within optimal temperatures inside the drum.



Control Interactive knob
Motor Type Drive Drive Inverter
Maximum Spin Speed 1400rpm
Temperature Range Cold - 90℃
Programmes Daily wash, Eco Cotton, Full load 45, Delicates, Bedding, Baby Care, Rinse & Spin, Spin & Drain, Steam refresh, Rapid 30”, Stain wash, Sanitize, Cold Wash, Drum Clean, More Cycles
Options Hybrid Steam, Stain, Quick stain, Temp, Rinse, Speed, Rapid, Delay end, Auto start, Add clothes
Indicators Time remaining, Option selected
Safety Features Child lock, Door lock
Others 99%^ Antimicrobial detergent drawer & bellow
Accessories Instruction manual, Water supply hose, U-shaped holder
Voltage 220 - 240V
Frequency 50Hz
Rated Power 1800W UK plug saf
Length of Hose Inlet : 1100mm | Outlet : 1650mm
Length of Electrical Cord 2000mm 
Product Dimensions W 595mm x H 845mm x D 605mm
Packed Dimensions W 690mm x H 890mm x D 730mm
Gross Weight 85 kg
Net Weight 79 kg