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Product Summary

  • Reduce 80%* of your electricity consumption on cooling comfort
  • True portability – No installation and exhaust pipe needed
  • Excellent maneuverability – Bring AIRLEO anywhere you go with its built-in wheels and handles
  • UVC sanitisation – Breathe in clean air every time
  • Easy self-maintenance – Hassle free snap-on filter covers
  • USB charging ports – Charge your mobile devices with AIRLEO
  • Ambient night light – Get into your relaxation mood
  • Environmentally Friendly – High energy-efficient refrigerant with extremely low GWP (Global Warming Potential)
  • 1 year warranty on parts / 5 years warranty on compressor
    Dimension: 374 x 464 x 813.5mm (WDH)

*In comparison to a multi-split aircon

    The Greener Way To Cool

    Introducing AIRLEO, a revolutionary way of enjoying cold, clean fresh air that is convenient, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. It is a first-of-its-kind innovative air-cooling solution that no longer requires the usual hot exhaust air hose that needs installation, thanks to its proprietary patented technology, termed Low-Temperature Evolutionary Ozone (LEO).

    AIRLEO is designed with you in mind – for your comfort and convenience. Utilising state-of-the-art technology after a decade-long of research and development, AIRLEO is engineered with proprietary technology that is patented in 40 countries.


    Your mobile cooling system

    AIRLEO's unique internal propeller baldes create a 3D air flow that cools you, without the need to cool the entire room. Using a targeted point-and-shoot system, it creates a spherical space around you, provided cool air where you are.

    Lower Carbon Footprint, Reduce Bills

    Not just eco-friendly, AIRLEO helps you save substantially on electricity costs with its low energy consumption. As the world's first mobile air-cooling system that requires no hot exhaust hose, AIRLEO uses 4 times lower electricity consumption than portable aircon and 8 times lower than conventional wall mount splint unit aircon. Take action now in reducing greenhouse gas emissions to protect our government, while saving on your electricity bills and not compromising on your comfort.

    Breathe in Cold, Sainitised Air. Everytime.

    The medical Log 1 grade UVC LED module used in the AIRLEO has proven to be effective against the pathogens, bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19, in the air passing through it - leaving you with clean, fresh air everytime when you use AIRLEO!

    It goes wherever you go

    Simply plug in to a power outlet to enjoy cold, clean fresh air. With built-in wheels and handles, it is convenient and hassle-free to bring AIRLEO indoors or out, making it truly portable. 

    It's as Smart as it Looks

    With the dedicated AIRLEO app, you can stay connected to your device from wherever you are and control it via your smartphone - from turning it on or off, to changing air flow speed, or simply checking if you have accidentally left it turned out when you are outside. 

    Cool Down your World without Warming it

    Finally a cooling device that is kind to the environment. With its low energy consumption and minimal heated exhaust, you will be saving more and conserving more. This leads to a lower carbon footprint, so you can feel good about what you're doing for the environment. 


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