$3,850.00 $5,099.00
Premium installation for HDB New Installation
Premium Installation Package (Applicable for NEW HDB Installation only)

Installation with 0.5 inch CLASS "0" K-FLEX Insulation (Top grade pipe insulator)

Installation with Grade SWG 22 (0.71mm) copper piping (Thick wall copper pipes)

Installation with uPVC 16mm drainage pipe

Dismantle & dispose old air-con system

1 year workmanship installation warranty

Aircon Disclaimer

For aircon installation, it will be installed within 1 week depending on our slot availability.

Price stated applies to Standard HDB (Residential) basic installation ONLY, with the standard piping length given. Additional charge applies for longer pipe run.

Price excludes Stainless-Steel Bracket & PowerPoint.

Additional charges apply for private properties, condos & commercial houses due to the size of the house/building & complications of pipe run.

Any other additional work services such as cutting & patching of false ceiling etc are chargeable.


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Panasonic X-Premium Inverter comes with nanoe™ X technology and Panasonic Comfort Cloud App for continuous 24-hour air protection. Enjoy comfortable cooling in optimal environment with Panasonic innovative solutions such as AEROWINGS, iAUTO-X and Humidity Sensor. Achieve energy efficiency without compromising comfort with Inverter technology, R32 refrigerant, and ECO mode. While the compact design allows installation in tight spaces, its modern, elegant flair fits perfectly in any interior.


nanoe™ X 24-hour protection inhibits various pollutants and deodorises odours

Manage your air conditioner using your mobile device with Comfort Cloud App

15 meters long air distance with the improved new AEROWINGS

iAUTO-X with Humidity Sensor lets you enjoy better sleep with optimal comfortable cooling

Balances energy savings and comfort using ECO Mode with A.I. Control

Comfort Features iAUTO-X, Humidity Sensor, ECO Mode with A.I. (Limited function when connected to multi-split system.)
Inverter Control
Sleep Mode
Quiet Mode
Soft Dry Operation Mode
Personal Airflow Creation
Convenience Features 24-Hour Dual ON & OFF Real Setting Timer
LCD Wireless Remote Control
Wireless LAN Remote Control For Internet Connection (Built-In)
Reliability Features Random Auto Restart (32 Restart Patterns)
Blue Fin Condenser
Long Piping (max.): 30 m [CS-XU24XKZW]
Long Piping (max.): 20 m [CS-XU9XKZW]
Top Panel Maintenance Access
Self-Diagnostic Function
Cooling Capacity (min-max) [9K] 2.70 (0.98-3.60) kW
9,210 (3,340-12,300) Btu/h
Cooling Capacity (min-max) [20K] 6.10 (1.12-7.18) kW
20,800 (3,820-24,500) Btu/h
Electrical Data [9K] Voltage: 220-240 V
Current: 2.6-2.4 A
Power Input (min-max): 520 (185-900) W
Electrical Data [20K] Voltage: 220-240 V
Current: 7.1-6.6 A
Power Input (min-max): 1,520 (250-1,950) W
Air Circulation 9K: 11.8 m³/min (415 ft³/min)
20K: 20.8 m³/min (735 ft³/min)
Noise Level (220V-2240V) 9K (H / L / Q-Lo): 42/26/19 dB(A)
20K (H / L / Q-Lo): 47/37/28 dB(A)
Dimensions [9K] Height: 295 mm (11-5/8 inch)
Width: 870 mm (34-9/32 inch)
Depth: 229 mm (9-1/32 inch)
Dimensions [20K] Height: 295 mm (11-5/8 inch)
Width: 1,040 mm (40-31/32 inch)
Depth: 244 mm (9-5/8 inch)
Net Weight Indoor: 10 kg (22 lb)
Refrigerant Pipe Diameter Liquid Side: ø 6.35 mm (1/4 inch)
Gas Side: ø 9.52 mm (3/8 inch)
Power Supply Outdoor

*When pipes are not extended from the chargeless pipe length, the required amount of refrigerant is already in the unit.

Please read the Installation Instructions carefully before installing the unit, and the Operating Instructions before using it. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


Panasonic’s Multi-Split Air Conditioning system offers multi-zone cooling solution with one outdoor unit, perfect for limited outdoor installation spaces. System 3 connects up to 3 indoor units, with independent operational settings for each indoor unit. High efficiency outdoor unit with environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, highest 5-tick energy efficiency rating and Inverter technology. The outdoor unit is durable against harsh conditions yet reliable in providing optimal temperature control, comfort and cost savings for its occupants.


5-tick energy efficiency rating

Environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant

Energy savings and precise temperature control with Inverter

High cooling capacity of 6.6kW

Durable under harsh conditions

Compact design fits every building type

Cooling Capacity (Cooling Capacity (min-max)in-max) 6.60 (2.80 ~ 9.80) kW
22,500 (9,550 - 33,400) Btu/h
Power Source Single Phase, 220V-240V, 50Hz
Maximum Connectable Capacity 12.7 kW
Maximum Connectable Indoor 3 Units
Electrical Data Running Current: 6.2 - 5.7 A
Power Input (min-max): 1,340 (520 - 2,500) W
EER (min-max) 16.79 (18.37 - 13.36) Btu/hW
COP (min-max) 4.93 (5.38 - 3.92) W/W
Weighted COP 5.70 W/W
Sound Pressure Level High/Low 53/48 dB(A)
Maximum Current 16.2 A
Starting Current 6.2 A
Compressor Output 1,500 W
Dimensions Height: 695 mm
Width: 875 (+95) mm
Depth: 320 mm
Net Weight 50 kg
Refrigerant Pipe Diameter Liquid Side: ø 6.35 mm x 3
Gas Side: ø 9.52 mm x 3
Pipe Extension Maximum Pipe Length (1 Room): 30 m
Maximum Pipe Length (Total): 60 m
Maximum Elevation Length: 15 m
Additional Refrigerant Gas: Chargeless
Note Please read the Installation Instructions carefully before installing the unit, and the Operating Instructions before using it. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.