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Key Features
  • 6TH SENSE Technology
  • Draining/Descaling
  • Product Dimension (WxHxD): 595 x 455 x 516mm (*496mm)
  • Cut Out Dimension (WxHxD): 568 x 453 x 550mm

  • 2 years warranty by Whirlpool

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Pure SteamSense+

Enjoy healthier and tastier meals with Pure Steam, which steams your dishes at a temperature lower than 100°C to preserve important nutrients.

Assisted SteamSense

Cook your roasts and pastries perfectly using a combination of heating elements and steam with the Assisted SteamSense function, which provides crispy exteriors for your food while retaining their moisture. It also offers healthier results when compared to more traditional methods of cooking.

6TH SENSE AutoCook

With a wide range of 43 pre-programmed recipes, ideal meal preparation is simple as 6TH SENSE AutoCook automatically selects the most optimal cooking temperature, time and mode after choosing your desired recipe.

Smart Clean

Clean dirt and food grime with ease. The Smart Clean function uses steam released during a low-temperature cycle to effortlessly remove unwanted residue.

Telescopic Rails

Cook with superior control by using the telescopic rails, which allows for easy repositioning of trays and shelves within the oven, as well as removal and insertion of accessories.

Assisted Display

The fully interactive touchscreen display provides clear step-by-step instructions, information and alerts for consumers to follow with ease, while organising items in easy-to-read lists for greater visibility.

W Collection

Whirlpool’s focus on detail allows the W Collection to seamlessly integrate into any kitchen through its timeless design and detail, providing visual appeal alongside a convenient and effortless cleaning experience of fingerprints and smudges thanks to its finishes.



  • Color/Finish: Fingerprint Resistant Black Glass
  • Display: LCD Digital
  • Control: LCD Touch Control
  • Door/Handle Design: Triple Glass Door with Stainless Handle
  • Cavity Type: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 29 litres
  • Water Tank: 1.2 litres
  • Cooking Shelves: 3 shelves
  • Weight: 32kg
  • Product Dimension (WxHxD): 595 x 455 x 516mm (*496mm)
  • Cut Out Dimension (WxHxD): 568 x 453 x 550mm
  • Accessories: Wire Rack, Baking Tray, Steam Tray, Water Tank, Sponge
  • Heating Methods: Forced Air + Steam, Forced Air, Steam, Steam Reheat, Steam Defrost, Rising, Finishing, Preheat, Preservation, Yoghurt, Disinfection
  • Heating Temperature: 40°C to 230°C


  • 6TH SENSE Technology
  • Draining/Descaling
  • Timer
  • Minuteminder
  • Favorites
  • Eco Mode