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Key Features
  • Just plug-in
  • Easy to operate
  • Night sensor mode – auto on/auto off
  • Uses photocatalyst technology
  • Safe for human and pets
  • Low power consumption of 16 watts
  • No odor, no smoke, no poisons, no chemicals, no mess!
  • Emits carbon dioxide and mild heat to lure mosquitoes and flying insects
  • Funnel designed to prevent insects from escaping

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Mosquito is often a carrier of diseases, such as malaria, dengue fever, encephalitis and many others. Pest-Stop® Professional Ultimate electronic mosquito and insect Killer combines the effort of UVA lamp in order to provide effective pest control. Taking advantage of insect photo taxis, The UV lamp emits UVA rays with wavelength around 365nm which has proven to be most effective in attracting most insects.

As the insects approaches the unit, they are quickly drawn in with the suction fans thus killing insects from all direction. Contains no toxic chemicals or poisons and is safe for human and pets. It provides a clean living environment away from diseases caused by pests.


Mosquitoes are attracted to human because of out body heat as well as the CO2 that we exhale.

Pest-stop professtional V7 photocatalyst Mozzie magnet can lure and capture the mosquitoes using an advance tripartite system. Heat, UV black light produced from the UVA lamp and CO2 producded when ultraviolet rays are radiated onto the titanium dioxide (TIO2).

Mosquitoes enter the trap through the rotate doors and the strong suction from the dan will draws them into the storage tray quickly. The funnel design suction path ensures that all insects will not be able to escap. Once they are in the storage tray, they cannot escape and will slowly die of dehydration.


Dimension 148 x 315mm
Voltage 220 – 240V, 50HZ-60HZ
Power Consumption 16 Watts
UV Tube Wattage 1 x 7watts F8T5BL tube
Lifespan of UV Tube Approximately 5,000 hours
No. of built in fan 1 unit
Coverage Area 600 sq ft
Recommended Area living rm, bedroom, kitchen