Premium installation for HDB New Installation
Key Features
  • Manage your air conditioner using your mobile device with Comfort Cloud App (Optional network adaptor is required)
  • POWERFUL Mode lets you enjoy instant powerful cooling
  • Big bottom flap helps direct cool air across the room
  • Balances energy savings and comfort using ECO Mode with A.I. Control
  • Energy savings and precise temperature control with Inverter
Premium Installation Package (Applicable for NEW HDB Installation only)

Installation with 0.5 inch CLASS "0" K-FLEX Insulation (Top grade pipe insulator)

Installation with Grade SWG 23 (0.71mm) copper piping (Thick wall copper pipes)

Installation with uPVC 16mm drainage pipe

Dismantle & dispose old air-con system

1 year workmanship installation warranty

Aircon Disclaimer

For aircon installation, it will be installed within 3-4 weeks depending on our slot availabilty.

Price stated applies to Standard HDB (Residential) basic installation ONLY, with the standard piping length given. Additional charge applies for longer pipe run.

Price excludes Stainless-Steel Bracket & PowerPoint.

Additional charges apply for private properties, condos & commercial houses due to the size of the house/building & complications of pipe run.

Any other additional work services such as cutting & patching of false ceiling etc are chargeable.


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Panasonic’s Standard Inverter offers both performance and better energy savings. Stay connected with Panasonic Comfort Cloud App (optional network adaptor is required) to manage your air conditioners from one device. Enjoy instant cooling sensations during start-up with POWERFUL mode and achieve energy efficiency without compromising comfort with ECO mode, Inverter technology and eco-friendly R32 refrigerant.

Stay Connected and in Control Anywhere, Anytime

With the optional network adaptor CZ-TACG1 and Panasonic Comfort Cloud App, connect up to 20 air conditioning units at 1 location (up to 10 locations), and control them from anywhere, at home or away. Remotely access all air conditioning features, track and monitor usage of air conditioning units using comprehensive energy statistics and identify issues with error notifications for effortless troubleshooting, all just from one mobile device.

*Wireless LAN Remote Control for Internet Connection (optional network adaptor) applicable to CS-PU9WKZ.

Convenient Centralised Control

Instant Cooling with A Push of A Button

POWERFUL Mode cools your room faster by 18%*, running both the compressor and indoor fan at super high speed for you to enjoy instant powerful cooling during start-up.

Instant Cooling with A Push of A Button

*Comparison of POWERFUL cool mode & normal cool mode by using 1.5HP Inverter Model.

Voice Control Works with Hey Google

Link the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App to the Google Home app so you can operate your air conditioner using just your voice with a Google Assistant-enabled device. Great for times when you need hands-free help.

Voice Control Works with Hey Google

*Google, YouTube and Google Home are trademarks of Google LLC.

*Google Assistant is not available in certain languages and countries.

*Availability and performance of certain features, services and applications are device and network-dependent and may not be available in all countries/regions; subscription(s) may be required, and additional terms, conditions and/or changes may apply.

Long Airflow with Big Flap

Big bottom flap directs cooling and comforting air across the room for an optimal cooling sensation.

Long Airflow with Big Flap

Intelligently Balances Comfort and Energy Savings

ECO Mode with Artificial Intelligence (A.I) Control learns and judges the optimal ECO level to maximise energy savings up to 20%* while providing consistent cooling comfort.

Intelligently Balances Comfort and Energy Savings

*Comparison of ECO mode & normal mode by using 1.5HP Inverter Model.

Energy Saving with Inverter

Panasonic's Inverter technology uses both Panasonic-made unique and precise microcomputer along with a gentle and powerful compressor to accurately control temperature, which provides a balanced comfort level in the environment while saving energy. The Inverter also delivers a host of benefits for your comfort, including fast cooling upon start-up, constantly maintaining a stable set temperature, a wider power output range and reduced noise levels.

Energy Saving with Inverter

Eco-friendly R32 Refrigerant

Panasonic air conditioners have been increasingly adopting the eco-friendly R32 refrigerant. An excellent heat transfer medium with a higher cooling capacity, this refrigerant reduces energy costs. It also has low global warming potential, making it friendlier to the environment.

Eco-friendly R32 Refrigerant

Fits Perfectly Anywhere Even In Tight Spaces

A compact size air conditioner that fits easily in tight and narrow spaces such as close to ceilings, close to corner walls, above doors and windows. Its uniquely designed structure conveniently eases installation and maintenance routines.

Fits Perfectly Anywhere Even In Tight Spaces


Indoor CS-PU9WKZ
Outdoor CU-PU9WKZ
Cooling Capacity (Cooling Capacity (min-max)in-max) 2.60 (0.84-3.20) kW
8,870 (2,860-10,900) Btu/h
Electrical Data Running Current: 3.6-3.3 A
Power Input (min-max): 760 (225-1,000) W
EER (min-max) 11.67 (12.71-10.90) Btu/hW
COP (min-max) 3.42 (3.73-3.20) W/W
Weighted COP 4.06 W/W
Moisture Removal 1.6 L/h
3.4 Pt/h
Dimensions (Indoor) Height: 290 mm (11-7/16 inch)
Width: 779 mm (30-11/16 inch)
Depth: 209 mm (8-1/4 inch)
Net Weight (Indoor) 8 kg (18 lb)
Refrigerant Pipe Diameter Liquid Side: ø 6.35 mm x 2
Gas Side: ø 9.52 mm x 2
Pipe Extension Chargeless Pipe Length: 7.5 m
Maximum Pipe Length: 20 m
Maximum Elevation Length: 15 m
Additional Refrigerant Gas*: 10 g/m
Note Please read the Installation Instructions carefully before installing the unit, and the Operating Instructions before using it. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.