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Key Features
  • Dual Jet
  • Auto Self Clean
  • Easy Dissolver
  • Dimensions: 640 x 684 x 1047 mm (WDH)
  • 2 years warranty by Hitachi (2nd year excludes transport)
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Ultra Power

4-Step Wash

Thoroughly penetrates deep into fabrics to effectively remove stubborn stains by controlling the water level to dissolve the detergent in 4 steps and to maximize cleaning power. 

Auto Self Clean - The Tub Stain Fighter

Every time you do your laundry, the washing machine automatically cleans itself! So that you can always enjoy washing in clean tub.

Allergy UK Approved 99% Mold & Bacteria Reduction

A shower of clean water cleans both the tubs as the stainless steel tub rotates at high speeds, and the blades and tub rotate to powerfully agitate water in the stainless steel tub and clean off dirt

Tub Clean & Dry Programs - More Way to Keep the Tub Clean

Regularly using two programs located in the control panel together with Auto Self Clean keeps the tub clean. Using special detergent, it removes accumulated dirt and prevents the growth of mold.

*Tested by Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science.

*Test methods: Measurement of the rate of decrease of bacteria on plates attached to the outer tub and the stainless steel tub when using the Auto Self Clean function. Measurement of the rate of decrease of mold spores on culture plates attached to the outer tub and the stainless steel tub when using the Auto Self Clean function.


Prewashed Heavily Soiled Items & Normal Soiled Items in One Go

Easy Operation Control - Direct Program Buttons

Direct program buttons let you select a course or option with a simple one-touch operation.

Ergonomic Glass Top Design

Built in high-performing dumper assists you with a smoother and lighter glass lid. 

Tangle-Free Finish

When the spin cycle ends, the pulsator repeatedly moves clockwise and counter clockwise, first making clothes fall of the tub wall and thus untangling them. This unique Hitachi feature makes it much easier to remove clothes out of the tub and also minimize wrinkles on the clothes. 

Easy Dissolver

Dissolve powder detergent powerfully to minimize the residue.

3-Step Eco Sensor

Laundry amount and fabric type are detected in three steps to enable setting of the optimum washing conditions. The result is precise sensing to assure there's no wasted time, electricity or water.



Model SF-130TCV
Body color Body/ top: Silver (SL)
Capacity 13kg washing
Energy Consumption Normal Program (Wh/Cycle) : 122
(Wh/kg) : 9.4 Energy Save Program (Wh/Cycle) : 80
(Wh/kg) : 6.2

Water Consumption

Normal Program (L/Cycle): 175
(L/kg) : 13.5
Water Save Program (L/Cycle) : 116
(L/kg) : 8.9
Features Easy Dissolver
Easy Lint Disposal
Auto Restart
Auto Power Off
Sensor Lock Safety System
Washing Program No. of Program : 11
Normal Prewash+
Heavy Delicate
Soak (30-300min)
Energy Save
Water Save
Tub clean
Tub Dry
Spin Function Max. Spin Speed (r/min) : 730
Tangle-Free Finish
Useful Function 4-Button Control (Shower Plus & Water Power)
Delay Timer
Clean Function Auto Self Clean (Allergy UK Approved)
Tub Clean
Tub Dry
Antibacterial Material : Lint Filter
Washing programs No. of Program : 11
Energy Save
Water Save
Tub clean
Tub Dry
Easy Refresh
40℃ Stain Care
60℃ Allergy Care
Structure Lid Material: Tempered Glass
Touch Control Panel
Dimensions (WHD) 640 x 1,047 x 684
Weight (Net/ Gross, kg) 47kg/52kg

*Specifications and designs are subjected to change without notice.