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Key Features
  • Beverage Center™ - In-door Water Dispenser & AutoFill Water Pitcher
  • Dual Auto Ice Maker
  • Triple & Metal Cooling System
  • Dual FlexZone™
  • Wi-Fi Smart Control
  • Nett Capacity: 549L
  • Dimensions: 912 x 723 x 1825 mm (WDH)
  • 2 years warranty by Samsung

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The heart of your home

The sleek exterior of the fridge blends well into modern kitchen.


The Family Hub screen has a mountain scene with the words last summer vacation. Underneath it is a calendar and a to-do list.
The Family Hub screen has a video play button and the words “presents Connected Living” over top the exterior of a family home.

Get closer to members of your family


A child touches the Family Hub display, which has landscape above a calendar, to-do list, and a photo of a dog with messages.
A hand holds a mobile phone with a calendar onscreen. The same calendar is on the Family Hub display in the background.

Personalise your messages


Avoid the hassle of finding pen and paper when you want to leave notes for your family members. With the White Board application, you can create messages on your Family Hub™ by drawing pictures and writing text with your finger.

A mother and child look at family photos and a note on a Family Hub’s White Board. The child touches the words, I love mom.

* Requires download of Family Hub™ app on your compatible smartphone.

Non-stop music, radio & TV entertainment


Mirror your smartphone or TV, right on your fridge

SmartView (Phone/TV Mirroring)

Watch video content while preparing your meals by mirroring your favourite shows and movies on your Samsung TV* or smartphone** right onto your Family Hub™ screen. Simply launch the SmartView app and select a compatible smartphone or TV from which to mirror the content.

In a stylish kitchen, a woman has a glass of wine while slicing vegetables and watching what’s on the Family Hub’s display.

* Compatible TVs: 2015-2017 models of Smart TV: J/K/MU6400 series or higher, 2018 models of Smart TV: NU7400 series or higher, 2019 models of Smart TV: Q60R series or higher, 2020-2021 models of Smart TV: Q70 series or higher and Lifestyle TVs (The Frame, The Serif, The Sero – excluding The Frame 32"). Please check the compatibility information for new TVs on It may not work when the Samsung TV software is changed.** Compatible with all major apps on Samsung Galaxy S6 models or later, running Android 8.1 or higher.

Enjoy endless entertainment in the kitchen

TuneIn & Spotify*

Enjoy endless entertainment in the kitchen. Simply choose to play any song using Spotify*. Or access radio stations, news, podcasts and comedy shows on TuneIn.

A mother dances with her child in a stylish kitchen in front of a Family Hub. The display has a music app and a playlist.

*Account subscription fees may apply

Easily access websites


Access your favourite websites, right from the fridge. Using the Browser app, you can access web content such as news, weather, and so much more. You can also save links to websites that you frequent by creating shortcuts to the Home Screen.

A woman looks at and touches the Family Hub display, navigating through various products being sold on

Manage food easily, saving time & money

Food AI

View what’s inside your fridge anywhere

View Inside 

Monitor what’s inside your fridge with View Inside; the built-in camera lets you peek inside from your fridge’s home screen or smartphone*. The improved food list feature provides you with recommended expiration dates** of tagged groceries, so you can track them and reduce food wastage.

Dotted lines connect a mobile phone and a Family Hub. Both devices display the same food items that are inside the fridge.

*Requires download of Family Hub™ app on your compatible smartphone. **Expiration dates and storage location data are provided by the USDA and other sources. Adjust the expiration dates based on your food storage preference.

Tap or swipe down to view 

Tap View & QuickView 

See what's in your fridge with a quick double tap or a swipe down. Even if the home screen is off, with Tap View* you can simply tap twice on the screen to see what's on the shelves using the View Inside cameras. Or, if the screen is on, QuickView lets you view inside with a multi-finger swipe down.

A hand double taps a close-up of the screen on the fridge, which shows what is inside the fridge.

* This feature will be available from Q3 2021.

Discover new recipes for your family

Smart Recipes

Discover new recipes for the family with the Smart Recipes app which gives you instant access to many delicious recipes with simple on-screen instructions.


*Requires download of Family Hub™ app on your compatible smartphone.

Easily make your family’s favorite food

Meal Planner 

The Meal Planner app suggests meals to cook, based on your preferences and the food available in the fridge. Using artificial intelligence and food profiling, a Recipes app provides delicious recipes with simple instructions.

Multiple recipe choices are on the fridge screen. Various food categories and one recipe are shown close-up.

Shop more efficiently and reduce waste 

Shopping List 

Plan your groceries more efficiently with the Shopping List app. Simply add any items that you want to buy to your shopping list and have it synced right to your smartphone* so that you can view it conveniently, even at the grocery store.

A woman brings in a box of food that says fast delivery next to a close-up of her shopping list.

*Requires download of Family Hub™ app on your compatible smartphone.

Enjoy a smarter way to control your home

Connected Living

Simplify your life


Bring your dream smart home to life with the SmartThings app*. Manage your home’s compatible smart devices at the touch of a button or via Bixby- from Samsung washing machines and TVs to third party products such as home cameras, motion sensors, smart lights and more, straight from the fridge.

A man touches the Family Hub, which displays a courier at the front door.

*Requires download of SmartThings app on compatible smartphones with Android 6.0 and higher or iOS 10.0 and higher. Internet connection and Samsung account login are required.

Check on what is happening in any room 

SmartThings Video 

Check what is happening around your home more easily. The SmartThings Video app links to any compatible Wi-Fi enabled video cameras*, so you can view different areas on the Home Screen. And if you have a 360 degree camera installed, you can also adjust the camera angle and view all around a room.

A woman chops veggies in a kitchen looking at the screen on a fridge, which shows a girl who is in another room.

* Compatible video camera models can be found at

Intelligent Voice Recognition


Navigate apps with Bixby, your intelligent voice assistant, when your hands are full. Bixby artificial intelligence (AI) system lets you access a range of services and content, like recommended meals, with just your voice. It even adapts to your needs by learning your routine and preferences!

A woman ices a cake next to a speech bubble that says “Hi Bixby. Play Music.” A Family Hub display has Bixby onscreen.

Make & receive phone calls hands-free

Bluetooth® Call

Make or receive calls when you’re cooking without reaching out for your phone. Using Bluetooth® connectivity, the Family Hub™ can seamlessly connect to your smartphone* so you can easily answer it or make calls with Bixby voice commands.

A man stands in a kitchen and talks on the phone using Bluetooth via the Family Hub, which has the caller’s name onscreen.

* The ability to respond to calls using your voice is available with any smartphone, but making calls using your voice is only available with Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Flexibly preserve the freshness of food

Flexible Storage

Keep different foods fresh and tasty in the optimal conditions. The FlexZone™ is an independently controlled compartment with five pre-set modes: Freeze, Soft Freeze, Meat/Fish, Fruit/Veggies and Beverage. There’s also a Flex Crisper for meat or fish and a Crisper+ for fruit and vegetables.

The Crisper+ drawer, in the upper left part of the fridge, is filled with different fruits, while Flex Crisper, in the upper right, is holding two seasoned steak. On the bottom right of the fridge is the Cool Select+, which has three pieces of salmon.

Water your way

Beverage Center™

Enjoy fast and easy access to refreshingly cold and flavored water. The Beverage Center™ has a Water Dispenser as well as a BPA free* Autofill Pitcher full of purified water, which can be infused with fruits and herbs.

Beverage Center’s Autofill Pitcher is next to the Water Dispenser, which has a Washable Nozzle that pours water into a cup.

* Bisphenol A (BPA) is found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins, which are often used in food and beverage containers, and has been linked with possible adverse health effects.

Produces more ice, provides more choice

Dual Auto Ice Maker

Having a party? The Dual Auto Ice Maker can make 2.8kg of ice a day and store up to 3.1kg. It also makes both Cubed Ice and Ice Bites™, which chill drinks much faster.

 Dual Auto Ice Maker offers the convenience of both Cubed Ice and Ice Bites.

Timelessly simple and stylish design


Elevate the look of your kitchen with clean and clutter-free styling. It has a timelessly minimalist exterior, with strikingly beautiful flat doors and no external water dispenser. It also has recessed handles, with an antimicrobial coating on the handle to protect it from degradation by microorganisms*.

The sleek exterior of the fridge gives a clean look to the modern kitchen, with a flat finish and no recessed handles.

*According to Intertek’s report, the components of the Samsung refrigerator can remove more than 99% of the bacteria (S.aureus, E.coli, S.enteritidis, P.aeruginosa) in compliance with JIS Z 2801 & ISO 22196. The antimicrobial coating on the handle does not protect users or others against all bacteria, viruses, germs or other disease organisms.

How to measure

All specifications provided herein may be different from the actual specifications.

Size measurements: Height 1,825mm, width 912mm, depth 723mm, depth with doors open at a right angle 1,093mm, depth without doors 610mm, install depth 773mm, width with doors open 1,472mm.


Net for freezer 189 ℓ
Net for fridge 360 ℓ
Net total 549 ℓ
Gross Total(Liter) 667 ℓ
Gross for Fridge(Liter) 396 ℓ
Gross for Freezer(Liter) 271 ℓ

Net width 912 mm
Net case height with hinge 1825 mm
Net case height without hinge 1797 mm
Net depth with door handle 723 mm
Net depth without door handle 723 mm
Net depth without door 610 mm
Net weight 145 kg
Packing weight 155 kg
Packing Dimension (WxHxD)(mm) 972X1970X776 mm

Cooling type  Triple & Metal Cooling

Number of Shelf (Total) 4 EA
Shelf Material Tempered Glass
Number of Vegetable&Fruit Drawer 2 EA
Number of Door Pocket 6 EA
Egg Container(Egg Tray) Yes
Power Cool Function Yes
Interior LED Light TOP & Side
Shelf Type Spill Proof
Icemaker Automatic I/M
Shelf 2 EA
Box 1 EA
LED interior light Yes
Convertible Room(℃) -23~-15, -5, -1, 2, 4 °C
Shelf 2 EA
Box  1 EA
Temperature Control Yes
LED interior light Yes
Refrigerant R-600a
Door alarm Yes
Door handle Left Door Food Showcase(Fridge)
Beverage Station Yes
Dispenser with Water Filter Yes
Display Type External(Family Hub)
Door Handle Recess(Horizontal)
Colour Black Caviar
Dispenser Type Autofill Pitcher + Water Dispenser
Energy efficiency 2 Ticks (NEA)
WiFi Embedded Yes