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Driven by the QuadSystem™ Technology, novita AirCare Pro™ Air/Surface Sterilizer NAS6000i supports superior air purification, sterilization and surface sanitization for effective elimination of airborne and surface-bound contaminants. With the combination of advanced 99.97% True HEPA & UV purification, negative ions and controlled ozone, leave NAS6000i to work while you are in the room or away for clean air and beyond today, everyday.



Dimensions (W x D x H): 230 mm x 265 mm x 307 mm
Empty Weight: 4.5 Kg
Power Consumption: 54 Watts
Voltage/Frequency: 220V / 50Hz
Fan Speed Setting: 1 2 3 4 5
Noise Level: 39 dB 42 dB 46 dB 51 dB 56 dB
Air Flow Rate: 80 m³/hr 98 m³/hr 126 m³/hr 158 m³/hr 184 m³/hr
PCO Air Purification Mode Coverage: 200 ft² or 18 m² 240 ft² or 22 m² 300 ft² or 28 m² 380 ft² or 35 m² 440 ft² or 41 m²
Air Purification Coverage^: Recommended Up to 1,200 sq. ft. or 111 m²
Air Sterilization Coverage^: Recommended Up to 900 sq. ft. or 84 m²
Surface Sanitization Coverage^: Recommended Up to 390 sq. ft. or 36 m²
Filter Unit Capacity*: - Photocatalytic-oxidation Cell (Recommended replacement 8,640 hours / 36 months*)
- 99.97% True HEPA Filter & Mica Corona Discharge Plate (Recommended replacement 4,320 hours / 18 months*)
Control Mode: - Photocatalytic-oxidation Mode
- Mode/Coverage
- Away Mode (Not for use in occupied room)
Negative Ions Density+: ≥ 25 Million Negative Ions per cm³
Features: - QuadSystem™ Technology
- 99.97% True HEPA Filtration
- Advanced UV Nano Photocatalytic-Oxidation
- Advanced Mica Corona Discharge
- Advanced Electron Spray Ionization
- Airborne Sterilization & Surface Sanitization
- Away Mode
- Extensive Coverage Area
- Intelligent Replacement Indicator
- Smart Programmed Setting
- Power Amplifier


^ Coverage performance may be subjected to environmental conditions and contaminants level.
* Based on average eight (8) hours a day, seven (7) days a week usage under domestic indoor environment. Recommended coverage based on 2.4 m or 8 ft. ceiling height.
+ Negative ion density measurement is based on from source emission.