Novita NAS6000 AirCare Pro™ Air Purifier/Sterilizer

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Product Summary


  • QuadSystem™ Technology. 4 powerful functions in one.
  • Away Mode. Intense purification & sterilization.
  • Smart Programmed Setting. Flexibility accordance to your needs.

Model Number: NAS6000

Key Features

QuadSystem™ Technology. 4 powerful functions in one.

Equipped with QuadSystem™ Technology, NAS 6000 caters for high efficient air purification, sterilization and surface sanitization. Combining four functions of 99% HEPA Type Filtration, Advanced UV Nano Photocatalytic-oxidation, Mica Corona Discharge and Electron Spray Ionization, NAS 6000 actively seeks out and eliminates airborne germs, allergens, chemicals, unpleasant odour and even surface-bound contaminants to ensure optimum indoor air quality and beyond.

Away Mode. Intense purification & sterilization.

Turn on the away mode before you go out and return to clean air and beyond when you are back! Powered with the highest ozone concentration, unit boosts air sterilization and surface sanitization capacity to its maximum for a thorough clean up in unoccupied areas. Set the timer in 30, 60 or 120 minutes in accordance to your intended coverage area and leave it to work while you are away.

Smart Programmed Setting. Flexibility accordance to your needs.

Select your intended coverage area for an automatic match to the appropriate setting. NAS 6000 regulates ozone generation automatically to suit the coverage area selected. Select Mode/Coverage to indicate area size between 100 to 1,200 sq.ft and let the purification and sterilization process begin!


Dimensions (W x D x H) 230 mm x 265 mm x 307 mm
Weight 4.5 kg
Air Purification Coverage^ Recommended Up to 1,200 sq.ft. or 111m²
Air Sterilization Coverage^ Recommended Up to 900 sq.ft. or 84m²
Surface Sanitization Coverage^ Recommended Up to 390 sq.ft. or 36m²

^ Coverage performance may be subjected to environmental conditions and contaminants level. Recommended to use in a room with ceiling height up to 3 m or 10 ft.

Control Mode

► Photocatalytic-oxidation Mode

► Mode/Coverage

► Away Mode

Fan Speed Setting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Noise Level

► 39 dB

► 42 dB

► 46 dB

► 51 dB

► 56 dB

Air Flow Rate

► 90 m³/hr

► 108 m³/hr

► 136 m³/hr

► 168 m³/hr

► 194 m³/hr

Filter Unit Capacity (Based on average 24 hours a day, 7 days a week usage under normal domestic indoor environment.)

► 99% HEPA Type Filter & Photocatalytic-oxidation Cell

(Recommended replacement 8,640 hours / 36 months*)

► Mica Corona Discharge Plate

(Recommended replacement 4,320 hours / 18 months*)

Negative Ion Density+

≥ 25 Million Negative Ions/cm³

+ Negative ion density measurement is based from source emission.

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