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Key Features
  • Double Sensor (lid & bottom) generates heat all around for even heating.
  • Comes in 5.5 cups (NL-DSQ-10)
  • Various cooking menus (White, Quick, Short Grain White, Mixed, Sushi, Sweet, Brown, Congee (Thick/Thin)
  • Automatic & Extended Keep Warm.
  • Large Steam Vent (Prevents boiling over and allows for high temperature cooking).
  • Black and thick (4mm) inner pan.
  • 1 year warranty by Zojirushi

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Model No. NL-DSQ10
Cooking Capacity WHITE(Long Grain White Rice) 0.18~1.0L[1~5.5Cup]
QUICK(Long Grain White Rice) 0.18~1.0L[1~5.5Cup]
SHORT GRAIN WHITE(Short Grain White Rice) 0.18~1.0L[1~5.5Cup]
MIXED(Long Grain White Rice) 0.18~0.72L[1~4Cup]
SUSHI(Short Grain White Rice) 0.18~0.1L[1~5.5Cup]
SWEET(Sweet Rice) 0.18~0.72L[1~4Cup]
CONGEE THICK(Long Grain White Rice) 0.09~0.18L[0.5~1Cup]
CONGEE THIN(Long Grain White Rice) 0.09L [0.5Cup]
BROWN(Long Grain White Rice) 0.18~0.72L[1~4Cup]
CAKE All-purpose flour,120g
Rating AC 220-230V50/60Hz
Electric Consumption 605-660W
Average Power Consumption during Keep Warm 33Wh
Rice Cooking System Direct Heating
Power Cord Length 1.0m
External Dimensions 26.5 (W) × 37 (D) × 21.5 (H) (41.5※1)
Weight approx. 4.0kg