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Key Features
  • Stainless Steel Baffle Grease Filters (Dishwasher safe)
  • LED Bar Lighting
  • Auto Connectivity: Hob to Hood communication
  • Wi-Fi® Smart Control
  • Net Dimensions: 898 x 500 x 646~1066 mm (WDH)

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Enjoy lasting performance and powerful ventilation

NK8000AM is installed in the kitchen with a cooktop.


Refreshes the kitchen air by removing odours, grease and smoke

Power Ventilation System (1,070 m3/hr )

Ensure a comfortable and healthy cooking environment. A Power Ventilation system quickly refreshes the air you breathe by getting rid of heat, odours, grease and smoke. You can adjust the power across 4 settings: Low, Medium, High or Max, which delivers up to an amazing 1,070 m3/hr suction capacity*.

Pots and pans are boiling on the cooktop with steam, and the smoke is completely absorbed through the Power Ventilation system of NK8000AM.

* Delivers a suction capacity of 1,070 m3/hr when using Max (Boost) mode, based on motor power.


Cook with less noise

Low Noise

Enjoy a more tranquil kitchen. The frictionless and brushless BLDC (brushless direct current) electric motor reduces noise by up to 25%* as it uses strong magnets instead of brushes. It also has a distributed coil winding that generates little noise when operating at low speeds to provide a calm and peaceful atmosphere for your daily cooking activities.

At night, pots and pans are boiling on the cooktop with steam. While the hood operates silently, the cat sleep in kitchen. NK8000AM reduces noise by up to 25% than original model.

* Based on internal testing when operating in Normal mode. It generates only 56dBA, which is 25% quieter than a Samsung NK36K7000WS model. Results may vary depending on the actual usage conditions.


Lasting performance

Stainless Steel Baffle Filter

Capture airborne oil and smoke effectively. A highly durable Stainless Steel Baffle Filter provides superior filtration and a long lasting performance. An Easy Clean Coating makes it easy to wash with water or in a dishwasher. Plus, the SmartThings Apps* alerts you when cleaning** is required.

* Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required. ** Provides an alarm after 60 hours of use. For example, based on using the hood for 120 minutes a day it will provide an alarm once a month (30 days).


Luxurious illumination

LED Bar Lighting

Give your kitchen a luxurious look and see what you are cooking easily. The LED Bar Lighting evenly spreads light over your entire cooktop, ensuring clear visibility of your culinary creations. You can also control the brightness (High, Low or Off) for a comfortable cooking experience.

Pots and pans are boiling on the cooktop and NK8000AM’s LED Bar Lighting spreads bright light over entire cooktop.


Intuitively stylish

LED Display

Enjoy an intuitive and stylish way to monitor and control your hood. The LED display with touch controls is easy to read and you can adjust the settings with a light touch of your finger. And, being made of glass, it seamlessly complements the hood’s stylish, modern look.

A LED display of the NK8000AM is shown.


Command your hood using voice commands

Voice Control

Control the hood with your voice through your preferred voice assistant*, such as Samsung Bixby**, Amazon Alexa*** or Google Assistant****. You can turn it on/off, as well as its light and fan speed, activate timers and adjust its settings.

Shows a woman serving food to a table while controlling NK8000AM with her voice using a voice assistant on smartphone, such as Samsung Bixby, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. She says, “Hi Bixby, Turn off the hood power?”

* A Wi-Fi connection is required. ** Bixby is Samsung’s brand of artificial intelligence (AI) / Internet of Things (IoT) voice assistant. Bixby service availability may vary depending on country. Bixby recognizes selected languages and certain accents/dialects. The user interface may change and differ by device. The availability of Bixby features and content providers may vary depending on the country/carrier/language/device model/OS version. A Samsung account log-in and data network connection (Wi-Fi or data network) are required. The specific voice commands and available functions may vary between each voice recognition assistant. *** Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.Com, Inc. or its affiliates. **** Google is a trademark of Google LLC.


Connect and control


Save time and effort by automating when and how your hood works. The Automation function in the SmartThings App* lets you connect and control different appliances**. You can create customised routines that trigger multiple actions at set times or based on the activity of other appliances**.

* Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required. ** Appliances must be registered on the SmartThings App and connected by Wi-Fi.


Stylishly unique

Bespoke Design

Give your kitchen a beautifully stylish and unique look. Featuring a white panel made from tempered glass, it adds a contemporary flair to your kitchen space.
Furthermore, you can upgrade the appearance of your home by mixing and matching with other Bespoke cooking appliances to complement your aesthetic and culinary adventures.

The white glass hood is installed in the kitchen.


How to measure

The size of the hood is 30”(75.8cm=29 27/32) or 36”(89.8cm=35 23/64) wide, 19 11/16”(50cm) deep, and 2 11/64”(5.5cm) high. The chimney height is 22 37/32”(55.5cm), and 24 1/64”(61cm) including the height of the hood. The chimney is 13 45/64”(34.8cm) wide, and 11 7/32”(28.5cm) deep. In Vent Mode, the total height including the chimney and the hood is Min 25 7/16”(64.6cm), and Max 41 31/32”(106.6cm). In Recirculation Mode, the total height including the chimney and the hood is Min 25 7/16”(64.6cm), and Max 41 31/32”(106.6cm). When installed with electric ranges, the distance between the ranges and the hood has to be Min 24”(61cm) and Max 36”(91.4cm). When installed with gas ranges, the distance between the ranges and the hood has to be Min 27”(68.5cm) and Max 36”(91.4cm).



Type of Controls Touch
Display Color White
Number of Motors/Fans 1/1
Number of Extraction Speeds 4
Sound Power 68 dBA
Sound Power (Boost) 75 dBA
Max Extraction (CMH) Motor - 1070 / Set - 780CMH
Hood Lighting LED - 4 W (2ea)
Extraction Type Ducting or Recirculating
Hood Filter Stainless Baffle Filter, Recirculation Kit
Net (WxHxD) 898 x 646 ~1066 x 500 mm
Weight (Net) 16.2 kg
Weight (Gross) 28.9 kg
WiFi Embedded Yes
SmartThings App Support Yes