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  • PM2.5 Sensor
  • Eco Mode
  • Washable deodorizing filter
  • Humidifying function




Hitachi’s Air Purifiers were awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval in recognition of their proven ability to reduce exposure to allergens.

*Tested by Allergy UK (The British Allergy Foundation).
*Tested with house dust mites and pollen.

    Deodorizing Filter

    Filter can be washed with water to restore deodorizing power*. This helps to reduce four major types of odor bases: nitrogen, aldehyde, acid and Sulfur components.

    Allergen-Free HEPA Filter

    Effectively Captures Fine Particles

    Multi-layered structure of Allergen-Free HEPA Filter for fine dust effectively catches fine particles including dust, cedar pollen and airborne mold. It also suppresses the PM2.5.

    Suppresses Activity of Captured Allergen Substances

    The allergen-free components of the HEPA Filter for fine dust suppress the activity of cedar, birch & ragweed pollen, dust mite dung & cat dandruff that have been captured.

    *Testing authority: Nichinichi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Test method: ELISA Suppression method: Application of anti-allergen agent to filterTest results: Cedar pollen 96% suppression, birch pollen 90%, ragweed pollen 96%, American dust mite dung 93%, European dust mite dung 91%, and cat dandruff 85%. Value in percentage calculated by Hitachi.

    Wide and Speedy Dust Collection

    Increased air intake surface area achieved on the back lateral sides. By widely collecting dust from both sides, a 13㎡ room can be quickly purified.


    Two selectable modes provide the desired level of humidity.

    Humidifying Mode

    This humidifies clean air to increase the humidity in a room to about 50%. And it can be used in combination with the deodorizing course.

    Skin Moisturizing Mode

    Room humidity can be increased up to about 60%*. This helps keep your skin moist in the dry season and when using air conditioning.

    *Humidifying capability may change due to temperature, humidity and other conditions.
    *The effect differs between individuals. It also differs depending on the season, room temperature and other conditions.

    Touch Panel Operation

    Touch panel has been incorporated on front glass panel.

    Glass Panel

    Flat front glass panel is easy to clean – simply wipe off dirt. Reinforced glass is also scratch-resistant. Color does not fade and matches home interiors.




    Body color Champagne
    Power supply AC220-240V 50-60Hz
    Applicable floor space 68m2
    Humidifying capacity (ml/h) Approx. 800
    Tank capacity Approx. 2.5L
    Mode & course Air purify, humidify, skin moist, pollen, odor, rapid, absence, eco
    PM 2.5 With sensor
    Eco mode (efficiency vs silent mode%) 14
    Removable odors Pet, Tobacco, Cooking, Rotten vegetables, Rotten fish, Grilled meat, Toilet, Sewage outlet
    Suppressible substances Mold, Bacteria, Viruses, Cedar pollen, Dead house dust mite
    Air flor rate Max, High, Medium, Silent
    Air Flow Clean Air Mode (m3/min) : Max : 9.0, High : 4.0, Medium : 2.7, Silent : 1.1

    Clean Air & Humidifying (m3/min) : Max : 6.7, High : 4.0, Medium : 2.7, Silent : 1.6
    Power Consumption Clean Air Mode (W) : Max : 85, High : 16, Medium : 10, Silent : 7
    Sound Clean Air Mode (dB) : Max : 54, High : 38, Medium : 30, Silent : 15
    Clean Air & Humidifying (dB) : Max : 48, High : 38, Medium : 30, Silent : 20
    Filter Type (Approx. filter life) Washable Prefilter*3 : (Stainless)

    Allergen-free HEPA Filter*3 : H13 (10 years)

    Washable Deodorizing Filter*3 : (10 years)

    Humidifying Filter*4 : (120 months)
    Off Timer 4 hours or 2 hours
    Sensors Odor, Dust, Humidity, Temperature
    Power cord (m) 1.8
    Dimensions (H x W x D ) (mm) 669 x 360 x 254
    Weight (kg) 12.5


    *1 Applicable floor space for operating the unit at max. air flow rate (JEM1467; The Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association)
    *2 Measurement conditions: 20℃, 30% humidify (JEM 1426)
    *3 In accordance with the JEM 1467 standard. In a test of dust collecting and deodorizing capacity with 5 cigarettes smoked per day, the period of time after which air purifying took twice as long as the initial time, and the odor removal rate became
    *4I n a test performed with humidifying operation of 8 hours a day and washing with tap water once a month, the periods of time after which level of humidification became half the initial level.
    *3,4 Since there are theoretical values, under actual conditions of use, replacement may be required after a shorter period of time.
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    ◎Color tone of actual products may differ from those shown on the website.