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Key Features
  • Wet and Dry Cleaning
  • Hot Air Drying
  • Edge-to-Edge Cleaning
  • Three Cleaning Modes
  • Upgraded Water Tank
  • Hassle-Free Self-Cleaning

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Clean and dry from edge to edge.


Automatically dries while charging.

The brush is thoroughly dried with hot air after self-cleaning in just an hour and a half to help prevent mildew, mold, and unpleasant odor. Manually engage drying any time you need.


Enhanced edge and corner cleaning.

Cleans close to baseboards to thoroughly mop up spills and eliminate stains. An edge-to-edge cleaning design extends the brush all the way to the end of the wet and dry vacuum to hug walls and clean corners.


Wet mess? Dry mess? Bye, mess!

Eliminate dirt, dust, debris, hair, spills, and grime with powerful scrubbing and robust suction. A high-speed brushless motor allows H12 Pro to wipe the floor 520 times per minute* to remove messes quickly and easily.

Numbers ascertained through testing in the Dreame Lab. Report No.:ZM-W2210-220705-1.


The ideal suction for every mess.

Automatic suction adjustment ensures virtually every mess is eliminated on the first pass. Equipped with an advanced sensor, H12 Pro adjusts suction according to the mess detected, optimizing power efficiency and cleaning power.


Intelligent, intuitive cleaning.

See the remaining battery, cleanliness of the floor, and operation status at a glance. A large LED display and intelligent voice prompts let you know in real-time how to optimize your cleaning.


Three modes for versatile cleaning.

Freely switch between operation modes to clean the way you want when you want. Customize your cleaning needs with an auto mode for basic cleaning, ultra mode for deep cleaning, and a suction mode that vacuums liquids without mopping.


Thorough self-cleaning, during and after use.

Self-cleaning capability detangles hair and scrubs off dirt to ensure you're cleaning with a clean brush. Cleans itself as it cleans the floor thanks to a serrated brush scraper. Put the vacuum on the base and just press the button to thoroughly rinse the roller, which rotates forwards and backwards, until it's clean.


Higher capacity for longer cleaning.

Clean longer, cover more ground, and eliminate more messes in a single cleaning session thanks to a high capacity battery pack. A 6x 4,000mAh battery pack delivers over half an hour* of cleaning before needing to recharge.

Numbers ascertained through testing in the Dreame Lab. Report No.:ZM-W2210-220705-1.


Powerful traction for easy cleanup.

Easy to push so you can clean at ease with minimal effort. The brush roller utilizes power from the motor to generate forward traction while in operation to help move the vacuum.


More power with less noise.

Clean thoroughly without disturbing pets, kids, or other family members. A brushless motor, a noise-optimized air channel design, smart power adjustment, and a soft brush roller combine for non-disruptive cleaning.

Product Name  H12 Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum
Battery Capacity 300W
Main Body Weight 4.9kg
Dust Cup Capacity 6x 4,000mAh
Rated Voltage 35min
Rated Power ≈3h
Charging Time 900mL
Motor 700mL
Filtration System Auto Mode, Ultra Mode and Suction Mode
Type of Brush Edge-to-Edge Cleaning Brush Roller
Motor Brushless
Screen LED
Mess Detection Yes
Prompts Yes
Self-Cleaning Yes