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Key Features
  • Flame Failure Safety Device: The flame failure safety device shuts off gas supply after the flame has been cut off, preventing gas leakage such as the flame extinguishes or when the burner has not been properly turned off.
  • Cast-iron Pan Support: To facilitate various styles of cooking and flexibility to accommodate a wider range of cooking utensils.
  • Black Glass (Tempered Glass Surface)
  • Easy Attachment of Burner Cap
  • Wok Burners: 4.3kw for Pub; 5.0kw for Lpg
  • Product Dimension: W 780mm x H 155mm x D 450mm
  • Cut-out Dimension:W 650mm x H 120mm x D 350mm

  • 2 years warranty by Whirlpool

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Gas Type


Wok Burner

The hob's wok burner offers high-powered heating that allows for effortless and thorough cooking of Asian cuisine, stir-fries and dishes that require a large amount of heat.

Flame Failure Safety Device

The gas supply is automatically turned off after a short interval if the flame is extinguished by accident or if the burner is turned off incorrectly, offering you greater safety while cooking.

Cast-iron Pan Support

Enjoy superior cooking flexibility. The hob supports a variety of cooking utensils while providing stability, offering greater versatility for cooking in various ways.

Tempered Glass Surface

Clean and maintain your hob with ease thanks to its tempered glass surface, which offers an effortless cleaning experience while being explosion-proof.


Easy Attachment of Burner Cap

Replace or install burner caps onto the hob with ease through a simple click and lock installation.



  • Number of Burners: 3
  • Color/Finish: Black Glass
  • Control: 3 front knobs
  • Trivets: Cast Iron
  • Product Dimension: W 780mm x H 155mm x D 450mm
  • Cut-out Dimension: W 650mm x H 120mm x D 350mm
  • Product Weight: 18kg 


    • Flame Failure Safety Device

    Power For GWG7830TS (TOWN GAS/PUB)

    • Left Burner 4.3 kW
    • Center Burner: 2.0kW
    • Right Burner: 4.3kW

    Power For GWG7830LS (CYLINDER GAS/LPG)

    • Left Burner 5.0 kW
    • Center Burner: 2.0kW
    • Right Burner: 5.0kW