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Key Features
  • Mode & Course: Air Purify, Night, Rapid, Auto, ECO
  • PM 2.5 with sensor
  • 1 year warranty by Hitachi

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Powerful, Long Range Air Cleaning Power

Bringing more power to air purifying, Hitachi original air pathway design and ultra-efficient fan motor deliver extremely high air delivery rate up to 84m2 floor space*1.
Its Antimicrobial Allergen-free HEPA Filter traps 99.97%*2 of 0.3μm fine particles, and 90% of ultrafine particles as small as 0.02μm*3. This helps to freshen the air you breathe in by suppressing the activity of captured allergens*4/airborne bacteria*5/mould and deodorises the air*6.

    Massive Air Volume of 12m3/min

    Hitachi unique technology exclusively designed for its air purifier enables extremely high air flow of up to 12m3/min*1, ensuring purified air reaches every corner of the room.

    Hitachi Powerful Air Delivery Technology

    Hitachi original technology with ultra-efficient fan motor and air pathway design enables massive air volume and effective airflow.

    Captures Harmful Particles You Can’t See in Air

    Capture the harmful particles and unpleasant odours in your room.

    High Performance Filtration Technology

    Deodorising Filter

    Activated carbon in the Deodorising Filter captures odours and helps to reduce a wide range of unpleasant odours and TVOC in your room*6.

    Antimicrobial Allergen-free HEPA Filter

    Multi-layered structure of the Antimicrobial Allergen-free HEPA Filter with silver-based antimicrobial agent captures 99.97% of 0.3μm*1 fine particles, and suppresses the activities of captured allergen substances*4*5. And captured 90% of 0.02μm*3 ultrafine particles. What's more, the Deodorising Filter with activated carbon helps reduce unpleasant odours in your room*6.

    Stylish Auto Louvres

    Auto louvres deliver purified air throughout your whole room.

    Captures Particles as Small as 0.02μm

    The sealed filtration system with Antimicrobial Allergen-free HEPA Filter captures 90% of ultrafine particles as small as 0.02μm*3.

    Minimalist LED Displays

    Provide information about the air quality of your room and settings, and appear whenever necessary.

    Monitor Air Quality

    The LED colour displays show you the air quality in your room based on 5 different levels, with the LED number monitoring the level of PM2.5 particles and TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) in your room.

    Easy Filter Maintenance

    The LED shows the remaining time of each filter life (%) so you know while one*1 to replace / maintain*1 and when, to help minimise waste. The Pre-filter is also designed to be taken out easily.




    Body Colour Dark Grey
    Power Supply AC220-240V 50-60Hz
    Applicable Floor Space (m2)*1 84
    Mode & Course Air Purify, Night, Rapid, Auto, ECO
    PM 2.5 with sensor
    Inverter Control
    ECO Mode Efficiency vs Silent mode (%): 26
    Removable Odours Pet, Tobacco, Cooking, Rotten vegetables, Rotten fish, Grilled meat, Toilet, Sewage outlet, Formaldehyde, VOCs
    Suppressible Substances Mould, Bacteria, Viruses, Cedar pollen, Dead house dust mites
    Air Flow (m3/min) Max: 12
    High: 4
    Medium: 3
    Silent: 1
    Power Consumption (W) Max: 75
    High: 11
    Medium: 9
    Silent: 6
    Sound (dB) Max: 54
    High: 34
    Medium: 25
    Silent: 15
    Filter Type (Approx. Filter life) Washable Pre-filter
    Antimicrobial Allergen-free HEPA Filter (10 years*1)
    Deodorizing Filter (Formaldehyde Removal) (10 years*1)
    Off Timer 8 / 6 / 4 / 2 hours
    Sensors Odour / VOC, Dust, Illuminance
    Power cord (m) 1.8
    Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm) 657 X 450 X 280
    Weight (kg) 11.5

    *1Applicable floor spaces / time taken to clean: operating the unit at max air flow rate. In accordance with The Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Associations standard (JEM1467). Performance may differ based on model.

    *2HEPA filter traps 99.97% or more dust containing fine particles of 0.3μm at a rated air flow. Based on performance of a single HEPA filter complying with the JIS Z 8122. Overall room dust removal performance may differ.

    *3Tested by Institute of Energy and Environmental Technology e.V. (IUTA). Test method: According to DIN 71460/ISO 11155. Test results: Collects 90% fine particles of 0.02μm.

    *4The Allergen-free components of the HEPA Filter for fine dust suppress the activity of cedar, birch & ragweed pollen, dust mite dung & cat dandruff that have been captured. Testing authority: Nichinichi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Test method: ELISA. Suppression method: Application of anti-allergen agent to filter.

    *5This is the effect on airborne viruses and bacteria after 13 minutes in a 25m3 test space, not the proven effect in a space where the filter is actually used. Effects may differ according to conditions and method of use. Tests performed conform to the Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association standard (JEM1467).
    Virus/ bacteria suppression effect testing authority: Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science. Virus test method: Performance evaluation test conforming to the Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association standard (JEM1467) conducted in a 25m3 test space. Bacteria/mould test method: Performance evaluation test conforming to the Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association standard (HD-131) conducted in a 25m3 test space. Same Test applied for bacterial suppression effect. Test item: 1 type of airborne virus /1 type of airborne bacteria /1 type of airborne mould.

    *6Effective in reducing the odour components of the nitrogen-based, aldehyde-based, acid-based, and sulphur-based, which are regarded as four major odours. Nitrogen-based/Aldehyde-based/Acid-based: Tests performed by Hitachi. Sulphur-based: Tests performed by Japan Food Research Laboratories.

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