Panasonic EH-NA98 HAIR DRYER



Product Summary

  • nanoe™ & Double Mineral for healthy and beautiful hair
  • Various Modes for hair, scalp and skin
  • Gentle, quick drying: Quick-dry Nozzle / 1800W
Double Mineral IonExternal nanoe™ OutletHot/Cold Alternating ModeIntelligent Temperature Control ModeIntelligent Temperature Control Modenanoe™Quick-Dry NozzleScalp Care ModeSet NozzleSkin Care Mode


    Total care for hair, scalp and skin


    Moisture-rich nanoe™ hydrates hair and scalp, while nanoe™ & Double Mineral prevent damage from brushing and protect from UV rays. Four special modes for hair, skin and scalp.


    Don’t just dry—beautify

    Much more than just a hair dryer. Moisture-rich nanoe™ treatment for healthy and beautiful hair, skin and scalp. nanoe™ & Double Mineral* make hair extra resilient to UV rays and brushing. Enhanced daily beauty care, fuss-free!

    * Double Mineral means mineral ions generated by two zinc electrodes.

    nanoe™ for beautiful hair and healthy scalp

    1. nanoe™ for healthy and shiny hair
    Moisture-rich nanoe™ particles penetrate hair and tighten the cuticle, giving your hair gloss, silkiness and making it more manageable.

    2. Moistens scalp, keeping it clean and healthy
    Moisture-rich nanoe™ moisturizes your scalp to keep it healthy, preventing the dryness that causes damage to hair.

    3. Suppresses static electricity and settles hair*
    nanoe™ neutralises positive charge and settles hair.

    For beautiful damage-resistant hair

    By increasing the adhesiveness of the cuticle, they reduce friction damage from brushing as well as damage from external stimuli such as UV rays.

    * “Double Mineral”: mineral ions generated by two zinc electrodes.

    Help hair better resist friction damage

    Friction from brushing damages hair. nanoe™ and Double Mineral firmly tighten the cuticles and reduce friction damage to hair such as split ends.

    Test Method: A hair tuft was washed and dried with a dryer (for around 90 seconds), then combed around 1,000 times in acceleration testing. The condition of a hair end when nanoe™ & Double Mineral were not used and for hair end when they were used are shown.

    Making hair UV-resilient and healthy

    Hair is also exposed to the elements just like our face and skin – yet we tend to neglect the UV care it needs. nanoe™ and Double Mineral tighten the cuticles and reduce the damage to hair done by UV rays.

    * Comparison of frictional resistance to hair surface after six months of exposure to UV rays

    Special modes for hair, scalp and skin

    – Scalp Care Mode

    In this mode, the dryer gently dries the scalp with warm air set at about 50°C*¹. nanoe™ adds moisture, which relieves the dryness, resulting in healthier scalp.

    * ¹ When the ambient temperature is 23˚C

    – Skin Care Mode

    Use this mode at the end of your drying session for around one minute. Skin becomes moisturized as nanoe™ helps it retain its moisture.

    – Intelligent Temperature Control Mode

    A built-in ambient temperature sensor measures the surrounding air temperature and adjusts the airflow to a comfortable temperature for drying in any season

    Special modes for hair, scalp and skin –Hot/Cold Alternating Mode

    The Hot/Cold Alternating Mode was developed to automatically switch the airflow between hot air and cold air, resulting in smooth, lustrous hair. This temperature gap lessens waviness, making the surface of the hair uniform. And because the hair now reflects more light, it adds luster.

    Test Method: After hair bundles were dried with a dryer while they were being brushed, their luster levels were measured while they were held in a curved position. Examples are for a case in which a nanoe™ hair dryer with the Hot/Cold Alternating Mode was not used and for a case in which it was used. * Effectiveness may vary among individuals.

    Quick-dry Nozzle

    Panasonic’s unique Quick-dry nozzle generates strong and soft airflows to help separate hair strands, increasing the exposed surface area for fast drying.

    Balancing four air factors for quick and beautiful hair drying

    Air volume, air temperature, air pressure and the way air is blown are all important for quick drying. Panasonic’s nanoe™ hair dryers attain a superb balance among these four elements.



    nanoe™ Yes
    Mineral ion Yes (Double Mineral)
    Settings 3 speeds
    Settings 4 modes
    Settings (Hot/Cold
    Settings Alternating Mode,
    Settings Intelligent Temperature
    Settings Control Mode,
    Settings Scalp Care Mode,
    Settings Skin Care Mode)
    Wattage (at 240V) 1800 W
    Quick-dry nozzle Yes (Built-in)
    Foldable Yes
    Voltage 220-240 V
    Body size (W x H x D) 90 x 226 x 210 mm (*1)
    Weight 502 g (*2)
    NOTES (*1) Without nozzle
    NOTES (*2) Without nozzle/power cord

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