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Key Features
  • Automatic Air Curling
  • Curling - Airy Styling
  • Straightening Styling
  • 2-Min Rapid Hair Drying
  • Volumizing Styling - To solve limp hair
  • Anti-Frizz - Smooth out hair frizz
  • 2 years warranty by Dasher SG

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Versatile styling. One machine is enough.

Blow-drying + Straightening + Curling + Volumizing + Anti-frizz, the 5-in-1 design allows for blow-drying then styling, ushering in a new mode of wet-to-dry hair styling. Capable of achieving blow-drying, straightening, and curling multi-effects, the design avoids high-temperature air styling, making versatile hairstyles naturally flowing.

Automatic Air Curling

The air vents on the outer surface of the curling barrel provide immediate airflow upon activation, offering a user-friendly and easy-to-learn operational logic. You can effortlessly create bouncy, airy, and lively styles at home.

Step 1: Grasp a small section of damp hair and let the hair adhere to the surface of the curling rod with the airflow.

Step 2: Maintain this state for 15 seconds, until the hair is blow-dried.
Step 3: Activate the cool shot button to set the curls.


Curling - Airy Styling

"Breathable" gentle shaping. Bouncy and supple, without stiffness, allowing hair to "breathe deeply.

Unlike traditional curling irons that rely on physical clamping methods, this styler blows air from the inside out during curling, maintaining a certain space between the hair and the curling barrel, as well as between the strands, thus achieving gentle shaping with natural, non-stiff curls. Likewise catering to daily wavy curls.


Straightening Styling

Smooth out the morning frizz with just one stroke of the comb. By penetrating with hot air, comb and straighten stray and curly hairs simultaneously, quickly tackling disheveled hair upon waking up, styling without needing to spend a lot of time.

Step 1: Comb hair from roots to ends.

Step 2: To create inward/outward styles, position the comb teeth facing outward/inward at the ends of the hair and smoothly rotate inward/outward while combing.


2-Min Rapid Hair Drying

Rapid blow-drying is equivalent to a high-speed hairdryer. Employing a high-performance industry motor with speeds of up to 110,000 revolutions per minute*, the airspeed can reach up to 60m/s*, using powerful airflow to whisk away moisture from the hair, achieving a low-temperature rapid drying effect.


Volumizing Styling - To solve limp hair

In contrast to traditional volumizers that rely on high-temperature clamping to create height at the crown, this styler is equipped with a straightening comb that can achieve root styling with a backcomb motion, thus volumizing the roots and improving limp hair at the crown.


Anti-Frizz - Smooth out hair frizz

Just a gentle sweep to say goodbye to flyaway hair. Using the Coanda effect, leverage aerodynamics to smooth out frizzy and stray hairs on the surface, leaving hair sleek and shiny, lightweight with a sense of airiness.

- Reduce flyaways by up to 70% in one go.

- Achieve a smoother and shinier hair styling effect.



Power: 1200W

Power Setting: 3 Heat Levels / 3 Speed Levels

Handle Weight: 298g (Without power cord)

Handle Length: 26.5 cm

Handle Diameter: 43.3mm



1 x Handle

1 x Auto Wrap Barrel (Curl with lively bounce)

1 x Round Volumizing Brush (Volumizing hair volume)

1 x Smoothing Brush (Smooth & straight all at once)

1 x Fast Dryer (Fast drying)

1x Flyaway Attachment (Finish tool for sleek hair)