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Key Features
  • Volume Control
  • Weatherproof Transmitter
  • 58 Melodies
  • Anti-Interference
  • Shelter Casing

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    • Wireless design, easy to install
    • Strong anti-interference.
    • Low power consumption.
    • Weatherproof transmitter with LED indicator
    • Wireless remote control reaches up to 50m at unobstructed straight distance.
    • Ideal for homes, offices, factories, guest rooms in hotels, etc. It can also be used for message notifying alarms for the patients and elderly people. 
    • Superheterodyne learning code


    • The receiver can be inserted into any indoor AC socket (~230V)
    • Transmitter uses 12V battery (battery included)
    • Fix the transmitter on the wall near the door with screws or adhesive tapes with the optical shelter casing.
    • Avoid placing transmitter near high temperature, moist area, metal or electromagnetic surfaces.
    • Please replace the battery if the transmitter is not functioning properly.


      • If the transmitter and receiver are found not to be synchronized, press and hold the code recording button/ volume selection button on the receiver for 5 seconds.
      • The receiver's LED indicator light will flash which signifies that the code recording status is in operation.
      • Touch and hold the transmitter's push button will the receiver's LED indicator light stop flashing.
      • This will allow the transmitter and receiver to be synchronized using the same code and operate together as a unit.
      • Superheterodyne learning code is applied, which sets up the specific melody selected by each individual transmitter than has synchronized with the same receiver.