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Key Features
  • Intelligent Wash Inverter
  • Hygienic Washing Tub
  • Antibacterial & Mouldproof Shower Lifter & Gasket
  • Dimensions: 600 x 650 x 850 mm (WDH)
  • 2 years warranty by Hitachi (2nd year excludes transport)

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Optimal Washing with 8 Smart Sensing

Automatically adjusts washing method and time. Leave the cleaning to AI Wash.

AI Wash

Smart washing and clean result without troublesome settings required. The washing method and operating time are automatically determined according to various washing conditions such as the type of detergent, the textile of the laundry items, etc.

* Tested by Hitachi. Tested model: BD-120XGV. Tested program: AI Wash. When washing 7.2 kg (60% of washing loading capacity).
The effect varies depending on the type and amount of dirt.

Sensing for AI Wash to Make Your Laundry Smart

AI Wash automatically determines the washing method and time depending on various washing conditions.
You can do your laundry smartly and cleanly without detailed settings required.

Your Clean and Hygienic Clothes with the Power of Hot Wash

60°C Hygiene

The built-in heater heats the water to 60°C. Enjoy clean and hygienic clothes for you and your loved ones.

*Test Laboratory: Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science for bacteria and viruses. Test Laboratory: FCG Research Institute, Inc. for mites and allergens.  Not all kinds of bacteria, viruses and mites and allergen can be removed.

With 60°C hot water, bacteria are reduced to make your clothes hygienic.

* 60°C Hygiene [Maximum load: 4 kg; Required time (guide): 157 min] Test laboratory: Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science / Test Report Number: 2021_0208 / Test method: Measurement of the rate of decrease of bacteria on plates attached to the test cloth. / Test result: Bacteria reduction rate of 99.99%.

Suitable for baby laundry. Removes mites and allergens, and also suppresses viruses in fibres with 60°C hot water.

*60°C Hygiene [Maximum load: 4 kg; Required time (guide): 157 min] Test laboratory: FCG Research Institute, Inc. / Test method: Measurement (Hitachi standards) of dead dust mites stuck to sheets. / Test result: Dust mite death rate of 99%. / Test method: Measurement (Hitachi standards) of amount of dust mite allergens (droppings/bodies). / Test result: Dust mite allergen reduction rate of 97%.

Hygienic Washing Tub for Clothes You Care For

Every time you do your laundry, the washing machine automatically cleans itself! So you can always enjoy washing in clean tub.

Antibacterial*1 & Mouldproof*2

Shower Lifter and Gasket

*1 Test Laboratory: BOKEN / Test Report Number: 213251774-1, 213237371-1 / Test Method: JIS Z 2801 /

Test Object: Shower Lifter and Door Gasket. / Test Result: Antibacterial activity value of 2.0 or more.

*2 Test Laboratory: BOKEN / Test Report Number: 213251774-2, 213237371-2 / Test Method: JIS Z 2911 /

Test Object: Shower Lifter and Door Gasket. / Test Result: Mould resistance display 0.

Simple, Iconic Design

The simple, flat design composed of the minimum necessary elements creates a beautiful area in harmony with an elegant space.

Low Vibration, Low Noise Operation

Dual Vibration Control System +

The technology has achieved low vibration and low noise operation to not disturb your loved ones even while achieving high-speed spinning of 1,600 RPM and large capacity with a 530 mm diameter washing tub.


Capacity Washing Capacity 10 kg
General Colour White
Interface Glass Touch Switch
Drum type Big Drum 530 mm Diameter
Gasket Antibacterial *1 & Mouldproof *2
Shower Lifter Antibacterial *1 & Mouldproof *2
Wide Opening Door
Dual Vibration Control System +
Performance Water Efficiency Rating WELS 4-ticks
Feature Reload
Rinse Hold
Rinse Count
Max Spin Speed (RPM) 1,600
Water Temperature Cold / 30 °C / 40 °C /
60 °C / 90 °C
Child Lock
Auto Self Clean
Interior Lighting -
Memory (Program+Setting)
Auto Dosing System Liquid Detergent -
Fabric Softener -
Low Level Notification -
Adjust Function -
Smartphone App Hitachi Washer App -
Program AI Wash
60℃ Hygiene
Stain Care
Crease Care
Daily 38
Tub Wash
Rinse & Spin
Dimensions (mm) Width 600
Depth 650
Height 850
Weight (Net / Gross, kg) 68 / 73
◎Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.
◎Colour tone of actual products may differ from those shown in this website.
*1Test Laboratory : BOKEN / Test Report Number : 213251774-1, 213237371-1 / Test Method : JIS Z 2801 / Test Object : Shower Lifter and Door Gasket. / Test Result : Antibacterial activity value of 2.0 or more.
*2Test Laboratory : BOKEN / Test Report Number : 213251774-2, 213237371-2 / Test Method : JIS Z 2911 / Test Object : Shower Lifter and Door Gasket. / Test Result : Mould resistance display 0.