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Key Features
  • 4.1 CH wireless surround sound
  • Bluetooth® aptX ,AAC and NFC
  • 2 HDMI In & HDMI out ARC
  • Spatial calibration
  • 1 year warranty by Philips

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Surround on Demand - detachable wireless surround speakers

Submerge your listening senses in superb surround sound whenever you want it. Simply detach the wireless surround speakers from the left and right main speaker units and place them at the rear of the room to get multichannel surround sound experience with your games and movies. When the action is over, reattach the speakers for music and TV shows. Using proprietary wireless audio technology with surround speakers that operate on a unique frequency, there is no network interference. The result is a completely wireless surround system with lossless audio quality for music and movies.

Spatial calibration

An advanced spatial calibration function developed by our unique innovation lab ensures the best possible balance of sound, regardless of where in a room rear speakers have been placed. When triggered, this function uses a specially designed tonal signal to locate each of the rear speakers. It then uses this information to identify the best sound balance for this speaker placement and adjusts the sound of each speaker to match. This allows the listener to enjoy properly balanced sound even if speakers are placed outside of the ideal position.

Premium soft dome tweeters for Crystal Clear Sound

With Philips' Crystal Clear Sound, you will now be able to discern and appreciate every sound detail, the way it's meant to be heard and as the artist or director intended! Crystal Clear Sound reproduces the sound source - whether it's an action movie, a musical or a live performance - faithfully, precisely and without any distortion. Philips home theaters with Crystal Clear Sound keep audio processing to a minimum, preserving the purity of the original audio content. The result is greater sonic accuracy delivered to your ears.

Bluetooth® (aptX® and AAC) for wireless music streaming

Bluetooth® (aptX® and AAC) for wireless music steaming

Stand-alone portable Bluetooth speakers

Both of the Fidelio B5's detachable rear speakers feature an independent Bluetooth module, making them truly independent. This means they can be taken anywhere, in the home or out, for total freedom of musical enjoyment. Each portable speaker has a total power output of 8W, so they can deliver powerful sound wherever they are. With two rear detachable speakers and a central sound bar unit, a single Fidelio B5 unit can bring music to three different places at the same time.

One-Touch with NFC-enabled smartphones for Bluetooth pairing

Pair Bluetooth devices easily with one-touch NFC (Near Field Communications) technology. Just tap the NFC enabled smartphone or tablet on the NFC area of a speaker to turn the speaker on, start Bluetooth pairing, and begin streaming music.

Connect to HDMI x 2 for great picture and sound quality

Enjoy larger-than-life 3D playback and crystal-clear 5.1 or 7.1 audio by simply plugging our player's audio HDMI x 2 output to the connection in your non-3D AV receiver.

Dolby Digital and Pro Logic II surround sound

A built-in Dolby Digital decoder eliminates the need for an external decoder by processing all six channels of audio information to provide a surround sound experience and an astoundingly natural sense of ambience and dynamic realism. Dolby Pro Logic II provides five channels of surround processing from any stereo source.

Sophisticated design with high quality aluminum finishing

Aluminum is a statement of creative intent which is the modern medium of choice for many top interior designers worldwide. Lightweight yet strong, aluminum is an authentic material that helps create truly iconic designs whose ultra-thin and robust profiles perfectly showcase engineering excellence. The end result is Home theaters that are sure to catch eyes and turn heads in any room.

Near listening sound mode

A range of built-in sound settings help you get the sound you need in any situation. If watching a movie or TV show, 'Voice' mode emphasizes dialogue so you never miss out on what is being said, while 'Movie' mode gives you the classic surround sound experience. If you are listening to music you can change the entire experience with 'music' mode. Finally, the 'Close to me' mode lets you enjoy your shows without disturbing your family and friends. It mutes the center speaker and only plays sound from the wireless detachable speakers, so that you can place these close to you and listen quietly.



Product Width
103.4  cm
Product Height
7.17  cm
Product Depth
15.55  cm
Product Weight 4.49 kg
Packaging Width 75.7  cm
Packaging Height 35.7  cm
Packaging Depth 25.2  cm
Packaging Gross Weight 10.2  kg

Sound Enhancement
  • Surround on demand
  • Night Mode
  • Treble and Bass Control
  • Audio sync
  • Auto Volume Leveler
  • Movie
  • Music
  • Near Listening
  • Voice
Sound System
  • Dolby Digital 5.1
  • DTS Digital Surround
Subwoofer output power
Total Power RMS @ 30% THD 210  W
Speaker output power 120

Drivers per Surround speaker
1 X 3" full range speaker
Subwoofer driver
1 x 6.5" woofer
Subwoofer freq range
20-150 (-3dB)  Hz
Subwoofer impedance
4  ohm

Subwoofer type
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Bass reflex system
2.1/4.1 system
Drivers per Soundbar
  • 2 X 3"
  • 2X 1" soft dome tweeters

Rear Connections
  • Digital coaxial in
  • Digital optical in
  • HDMI 1.4 output (ARC)
  • HDMI IN 1
  • HDMI IN 2
  • Audio in 3.5 mm jack
Wireless connections
Bluetooth APT-X and AAC

EasyLink (HDMI-CEC)
  • Audio Return Channel
  • Automatic audio input mapping
  • One touch standby
  • Remote Control-Passthrough
HDMI Features
  • Audio Return Channel (ARC)
  • Content Type

Power supply
  • 110-240V
  • 50Hz
Standby power consumption
<0.5 W

  • 80% recycled corrugated board
  • Soya based ink

Packaging 1035 x 70 x 156  mm
Main Unit Weight 4.18  kg
Subwoofer (W x H x D) 200 x 510 X 200  mm
Subwoofer Weight 5  kg
Weight incl. Packaging 16  kg
Packaging (W x H x D) 765 x 260 x 371  mm

Included accessories
  • 2 x AAA Batteries
  • Power cord
  • Remote Control
  • Safety & Legal Leaflet
  • Trademarks Sheet
  • User Manual
  • World Wide Warranty leaflet
  • Wall mount bracket