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  • Microfiltration
  • GAC + Ion exchange resin
  • 1.5L tank for filtered water



Simply discard the one-piece filter after use

Simply discard the one-piece filter when it reaches the end of lifetime. The one-piece design prevents secondary pollution.

Dust-proof spout keeps water fresh and clean

By preventing dust from getting in through the water outlet, the dust-proof spout keeps the water fresh and clean.

Ergonomic handle that is comfortable to hold and carry

Ergonomically designed, the handle is very comfortable to hold, which makes it easy to carry the pitcher.

Digital timer reminds you when to replace the filter

Digital timer reminds you when to replace the filter for the best result.

Effectively reduces lead, pesticides, VOCs and chlorine

The 4-stage filtration system consists of non-woven fabric, granular activated carbon, resin and another layer of non-woven fabric, which effectively reduces pesticides, chemicals, microplastics, and up to 99% lead* and chlorine for crisp and pure tasting water. It also reduces water hardness.



Water flow rate 0.25L/min
Replacement filter cartridge AWP200/AWP201
Main filter media
  • Granular activated carbon/GAC
  • Ion exchange resin
Filtration capacity 200L
Soluble lead reduction Yes, up to 99%*
Chlorine reduction Yes, up to 99%*
Water hardness reduction
Bacteria removal
Input water pressure
(atmospheric) 0-1  bar
Input water temperature 5-38  °C
Input water quality Municipal tap water