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Key Features
  • Table + Air Purifier
  • 360˚ Air Purification: 360˚ HEPA Filter, UVnano™ Technology
  • Mood Light: 8 Colours
  • Wireless Charging
  • Low Noise
  • ThinQ
  • Dimension: Φ 410 x 550 mm (WHD)
  • 1 year warranty by LG

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can the AeroFurniture hold?

The internal safety standard is 2 kg. For safe use, we do not recommend placing objects over 2 kg on the tabletop.

① Test date: 10/17/2022
② Test agency: LG internal testing
③ Test item: AeroFurniture
④ Test conditions: Ambient temperature 40℃, relative humidity 85%
⑤ Test method: Measurement of deflection after leaving a weight of 2kg or more on the edge of the table for 45 days, 6 test samples.
⑥ Test result: Satisfied the sensory evaluation of table deflection (satisfying the company's internal deflection standard) and normal operation.

* As these measurements were made in the laboratory, the actual speed may vary.
* Lab results. Actual results may vary based on the environment of use.

* Test results are from measuring the initial performance of the product, and may vary depending on the duration of use.

Can I place a hot mug or pot on the table?

The AeroFurniture tabletop is made of PC (polycarbonate) plastic material, making it heat-resistant and able to withstand temperatures up to 114℃.

However, to minimize damage to the exterior and extend the use of the product, we recommend not placing hot objects on it.

[LUPOY ER5007 Properties Table]
① Issue date: 07/17/2022
② Issuing agency: LG Chem
③ Test item: LUPOY ER5007 (injection molding, PCR-PC/ABS, non-flammable)
④ Test conditions: According to ASTM D648
⑤ Test result: Maximum heat distortion temperature of 114℃ (based on an external force of 18.6 kgf)

I’m planning to use my AeroFurniture in a bedroom or apartment. How loud is it and how much vibration does it create?

AeroFurniture operates at its quietest, 21 dB, in Quiet Wind mode. 21 dB is a decibel level as quiet as the sound of rustling leaves with almost no vibration.
However, as cleaning power increases, the noise level may exceed 21 dB.*

* Noise level by wind strength: Quiet Wind 21 dB, Low Wind 25 dB, Medium Wind 34 dB, Strong Wind 45 dB

How does AeroFurniture’s purifying power compare to models that circulate air, such as LG PuriCare AeroTower?

The area of purification is measured by filter performance and the speed of the fan inside the air purifier removing dust. Therefore, the purifying area of the other models may be the same as that of AeroFurniture.

Is AeroFurniture an ThinQ UP? If so, what features are supported?

When the product upgrade feature is activated, the "UP" light on your AeroFurniture will illuminate when a new UP feature is available for download in the ThinQ app.
※ The product upgrade feature is only available for products registered in the ThinQ app.

How much power does the wireless charger supply?

Products will be charged to maximum power depending on the manufacturer (as shown in the table below).

[Refer to wireless charging power by manufacturer]

• Apple
- iPhone 12 / iPhone 13 : 15W (MagSafe) / 7.5W
- iPhone 12 mini : 7.5W
- Z Filp 3 : 9W
- Galaxy Fold 3 : 10W
- Galaxy S21 / Galaxy Note 20 / Galaxy S20 Ultra : 15W
• Xiaomi
- Mi Mix 2s : 20W

What products can be wirelessly charged?

Qi-certified smartphones and Bluetooth earphones can charge wirelessly, though smartwatches are currently not supported.

How do the functions on AeroFurniture operate?

1. Air Volume:
When the Air Volume button is pushed, the order of the wind settings is as follows: Auto → 1st Level (Gentle Wind) → 2nd Level (Medium Wind) → 3rd Level (Strong Wind) → Sleep Mode.
The group of three lights on the AeroFurniture correlate to the Air Volume level (Gentle/Medium/Strong).

2. Wi-Fi:
The light next to the Wi-Fi symbol indicates Wi-Fi connection status.
Press and hold the Air Volume button for 3 seconds to enter Wi-Fi pairing mode.

3. Air Quality Light:
Indicates air quality status.
Air quality status is determined by the concentration of fine/ultrafine dust particles in the air which correlates to the color of the light. A red light indicates the worst air quality. As the air quality improves, the light will change to orange, green, and then blue, which indicates the best air quality.

What functions can be controlled by the buttons on the main body of AeroFurniture and what functions can only be controlled via the ThinQ app?

Basic functions such as device power (on/off), air volume settings, and mood lighting brightness can be controlled on the main body of AeroFurniture. Functions that can only be adjusted via the use of the ThinQ app are auto-timer settings, mood lighting color adjustments, UVnano (function controls), air quality (detailed status information), notification settings, and filter management information.