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Key Features
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Rich strontium technology
  • 2 years warranty by Philips

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Portable jug, enjoy it anytime
From chilled to piping hot

Portable jug, enjoy it anytime


1.8L portable purified water tank

The 1.8L portable jug can meet different using conditions. You can cook or wash fruits with the purified water inside. Besides, you can put the jug in your refrigerator and prepare cold drinks in summer.

6L large volume water tank avoids frequent water refill

The 6L large volume water tank can meet the daily water consumption of your family and you don't have to keep refilling water.

Rich strontium element

The rich strontium technology can separate out elements that are beneficial and healthy to human body.

100% real boiled technology

The 100% real boiled technology allows you to enjoy fresh boiling water within seconds and can meet different using conditions.

The self-regulated boiling point is friendly to the plateau

The boiling point can be self-regulated in the high altitudes to control the water outlet temperature and avoid accidents cause by the splashing of vapour due to continuous boiling.

180° rotational design is easy to receive and refill water

The 180° rotational design is convenient for users to receive and refill water from different angles.

Lifting water plate is easy for cups of different altitude

The lifting water plate is convenient for cups of different altitude to receive water.

Child lock to prevent mis-operation or burning

When the output water temperature is above 45 Celsius, the child lock will be automatically activated to prevent mis-operation or scalding

Anti-burn technology to avoid dry-burn

When there is little/no water in the tank the system will automatically prevent hot water from being dispensed, protecting the system from dry-burn

BPA free

The waterway is BPA free, which can ensure the safety of water drinking.

AquaShield filtration system

The AquaShield filtration system can effectively remove 110* kinds of harmful substances, providing you and your family clean and fresh water.

Portable jug, enjoy it anytimeSPECIFICATIONS

Filtration capacity 2000  L
Rated water flow 0.2  l/min
Rated Power 2100  W
Inlet water pressure 0-0.06
Applicable water temperature 5-38  °C
Voltage and frequency 220V/50Hz
Product Dimension 565*355*530  mm  (LxWxH)