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  • No installation required
  • 5-in-1 RO filtration
  • Instant heating

Better than boiling

With instant heating technology, this RO water dispenser provides water of various temperatures within seconds. The innovative AquaShield all-in-one RO filtration removes 110 kinds of harmful substances that may exist in the tap water*.

Better than boiling


RO filtration removes 110 kinds of harmful substances*

The innovative AquaShield All-in-One RO filter removes 110 kinds of harmful substances that may exist in the tap water*, delivering similar water quality as distilling.

UV-LED eliminates 99.9% of bacteria**

UV-C LED triggers a photochemical reaction to destroy the DNA of bacteria. It acts as the second line of defense, eliminating up to 99.9%** of bacteria in the filtered water tank, further ensuring the water cleanliness.

Fresh hot water on demand in 3 seconds

Thanks to the instant heating technology, the fresh hot water comes out within seconds, at the exact temperature you like. No more waiting.

4 preset temperatures for your different needs

Precisely controlled temperatures for your different needs. No more waiting for cooling down to a specific temperature. No matter coffee, tea or honey water, you can always make your favorite drink within seconds.

Plug and play; no installation required

No installation needed for the dispenser. With a compact design, you can put it anywhere at home.

4 preset water volumes for your different needs

150ml, 210ml, 300ml, and 500ml, you can always find the best volume setting for your favorite cups.

Long-life filtration lasts up to 12 months**'

The all-in-one RO filter lasts up to 12 months**'. You only need to replace the filter once a year and enjoy your clean water supply the rest of the time.

Safety lock to prevent mis-operation or burning

When the output water temperature is above 45 celsius, the safety lock will be automatically activated to prevent mis-operation or scalding.

Detachable water tank for easy refilling

The 4L raw water tank is detachable, which is easy to take out to refill and wash. No more heavy lifting.

4,000 single-use plastic bottles saved per year**''

The best packaging is no packaging. No more heavy carry and queuing up to buy bottled water. Pure-tasting water comes on demand straight from your dispenser.

No more re-boiled; less energy spent

Heat up just at the moment you dispense. No more extra energy to keep warm, or re-boil. Freshness for you, and energy-saving for the world.



Filtration level 5-stage
Filter model ADD550
RO membrance origin Korea
Filter precision RO: 0.0001  µm
Recommended filter lifetime 12 months**'
Viruses reduction up to 99.999%
Bacteria reduction up to 99.999%
Lead reduction up to 99.9%
Pesticides reduction up to 99.9%
Chlorine reduction up to 99.9%
PFOA reduction up to 99.9%
PFOS reduction up to 99.9%
Water hardness reduction up to 99%

Water temperature
Ambient, 45, 85, 95  °C
Water volume 150, 210, 300, 500ml
Raw water tank
UV sterilaztion yes
Filter lifetime indicator yes
Input water temperature
5-38  °C
Applicable inlet water
Municipal tap water
Product size 232*250*424mm
Heating power 2200W
Heating method Instant heating

* 101 kinds of substances are tested by international certification and testing agency SGS/BV under laboratory conditions, and the other 9 kinds of substances are tested by internal laboratory.
**Tested by international certification and testing agency BV under laboratory conditions.
**'Tested by internal laboratory. Assuming usage of 6L/day.
**''Compared to 500ml bottled water. Filter capacity is up to 2000L.

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