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  • Captures and destroys 99.95% at .1 microns
  • Removes viruses, bacteria, allergens, mold, and smoke
  • HEPA H13 Filter
  • For rooms 350 ft² (recommended) to 700 ft² (standard)


Small, stylish, and mighty.

For bedrooms, offices, and other smaller spaces.


HEPA 13 With Zinc Pyrithione

The aair lite is HEPA 13, meaning that it captures 99.95% of pollutants at 0.1 microns. But aeris takes it a step further: our purifiers are coated with zinc pyrithione, which kills trapped bacteria & viruses. The only comparable purifiers are UV and ionizer purifiers, but they release dangerous chemicals.

Making your filter last longer and work better

While other air purifiers boast their rate of pollutant removal, aeris purifiers are also made with your needs in mind: by adding a prefilter to remove larger particles, we increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the HEPA filter, ensuring a longer HEPA filter lifespan, in addition to ensuring the lifespan of your entire purifier.

Despite its size,

The aair lite removes more pollutants than air purifiers twice its cost, including:  Pollen, Bacteria and Viruses, Smoke, Dust, Particulates, Pet Dander, Mold, Cooking Pollutants

Using zinc-pyrithione to keep you safe

The fabric sleeves on the aair lite aren’t just decoration: they are infused with zinc-pyrithione, an antimicrobial coating that destroys surface-level viruses and bacteria.

Intelligent Sensors: Purifiers that learn as they’re used

Using IAQ Sensor Technology, aeris air purifiers learn to run more effectively and more efficiently over time, saving you money on your energy bill.

Learn how

Control your purifier from anywhere

Use the aeris app to get full insight and control over your indoor air quality from anywhere in the world.

Learn more about the app

Built In Air Quality Monitor: Full transparency

Don’t guess whether your air purifier is working: With an AQI (air quality index) prominently displayed you’ll know just how well your room is being purified.


Filter room size 350 ft²
Filter life 10 months
Fine Particle CADR Up to 185 CFM
Air changes per hour 4
Filter Class Pre: F7 | Main: H13
Filter Layers 2
Noise 35 – 55 dB(a)
Power 25W (avg) | >50W (max)
Dimensions 11×19×11 in
Weight 15 lbs
WiFi Connectivity IEEE 802.11b/g/n
PM2.5/PM10 Sensor aeris asense
Sleeve available Sailor Blue/Nimbus Cloud/Quartz Pink
Patent Swiss Anti-Microbial Technology