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Key Features
  • Auto Emptying Function
  • UVC LED to prevent bacterial growth
  • Accessory Storage & Battery Charge with with All-in-One Tower™
  • Powerful Suction
  • Kompressor™ - Dust Compaction & Easy Emptying
  • Dual Battery - up to 120 min Run Time
  • Made in Korea
  • Dimensions: 260 x 300 x1010 mm (WxDxH)
  • 1 year warranty by LG
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It shows a frontal shot of A9 All-in-One Tower in a white tone modern living room interior.


All-in-One Cleaning Solution for Seamless Home Care

Introducing the only vacuum you will ever need. LG CordZero™ A9 Kompressor™ with All-in-One Tower™ takes on the role of an intelligent and powerful cleaning device that offers effortless cleaning. The bin is emptied automatically when you place the handstick vacuum back into the docking station, saving you time and the hassle of dust scattering all over the place.

3 Step Filtration System

The filtration system captures and traps fine dust within the All-in-One Tower™. This way, dust is not re-circulated into your living space.

The graphic image shows the exterior of the triple filter and the location of the triple filter inside the vacuum cleaner.


UVC LED prevents bacterial growth within the dust bag.

The graphic image shows the working shape of the UVC LED and where it is located inside the vacuum cleaner.


*The test was run by KRIBS, in accordance to LG Electronics protocol. The dust bag in the All-in-One Tower (Model No. : VDS-ST1*U) was filled with simulated household dust, specified IEC 628852 and bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, pneumonia bacilli, Escherichia coli-about 107 CFU / ㎖ for each test bacteria). The cultivated chalet is located on 9 representative location on top of the dust. After operating the UVC LED for 2 hours, a comparison was made between the number of live bacteria with the un-treated chalet. [Test condition : (23 ± 2) ℃, (45 ± 5) % R.H.]
**Dust bag should be replaced when the indicator on display is flashing. LG recommends that the dust bag is replaced every 3 months to ensure optimal performance and to inhibit bacterial growth.
**'Inhibition rate of bacterial growth may vary, depending on actual environmental conditions.

Beautiful on the Outside, Smart on the Inside

Besides fitting seamlessly into your home interior, the sleek and ingenious Tower design is the epitome of convenience. It stores, charges and empties the CordZero™ Handstick Vacuum all at the same time.

Clean and Charge at the Same Time with Dual Battery Packs

Delivers uninterrupted cleaning performance with run time of up to 120 minutes.

It shows the battery pack of the vacuum cleaner.

*Based on LG internal test results, run time for each mode--Normal, Power, and Turbo--is up to 120 mins, 60 mins, and 14 mins, respectively. (A9 run time for each mode-Normal, Power and Turbo-is up to 80 mins, 18 mins and 12 mins respectively) These run times apply when two batteries are used, with one being charged in the vacuum cleaner and the other being directly charged by the charging station. With one battery (battery is directly charged from charging station), run time for each mode--Normal, Power, and Turbo-is up to 60 mins, 30 mins, 7 mins, respectively. Actual run time may be reduced when the Power Drive Nozzle with motor is in use and may also vary depending on operating environment and hours of use. The test was run at room temperature(26℃, 78.8℉), without any nozzle, and with the Wi-Fi on.

*Product images are for illustrative purpose only and may differ from actual product.

Vaccum and Mop at the Same Time

Reduce your cleaning time by vacuuming and mopping at the same time with the Power Drive™ Mop. Detach the tank for convenient cleaning and refilling.

*Product images in the image and video are for illustrational purposes only and might differ from the real product.
**The test run by Intertek with test procedure which offered by LG. The water content on the Power Drive Mop pads was on Normal mode. Water content in the Power Drive Mop pads was 85% in high mode and over 80% in low mode while it cleaned 44㎡ for 30 mins in normal mode. Water content can vary depending on operating environment.

Control your Water Supply

The 3-level water control mechanism adjusts how much water is dispensed from the water supply tank. Choose between low, high or no water supply depending on your requirements.

It shows the 3-step water control button of the vacuum cleaner. It consists of step1, step2, and water shutoff.

*Product images are for illustrative purpose only and may differ from actual product.

Activate your vacuum easily with One Touch Control

On, off and adjust power levels easily with One Touch Control. Press on the '+' button to activate vacuum and mop mode.

*Product images are for illustrative purpose only and may differ from actual product.

Removable Filters for Easy Maintenance

Easily maintain your vacuum by removing and washing your filters. Over time, dirt builds up on the filters inside your vacuum. The metal filter, cloth pre-filter and fine dust filter can all be removed and washed in water to clean dirt away. Leave the filters to dry completely before placing them back in the vacuum.

Compress Dirt in the Bin, So You Empty Less Often

The LG KOMPRESSOR™ technology saves you time by compressing dust and hair collected in the bin. With the compaction of dust and hair (by up to 2.4 times the uncompressed capacity*) you need to clean out the bin less often. When it is time to empty, the Kompressor lever is simply pushed down with the door open to clear the contents.

**Based on LG internal testing results observed by Intertek. A9 Kompressor™ receptacle capacity was tested on Turbo mode. Cat hair (Maine Coon) was suctioned and compressed by the manual compression function repeatedly until it reached the receptacle capacity. Compression efficiency "2.4x" was calculated by comparing the weight of compressed cat hair with the weight of non-compressed cat hair (both with the same volume). Actual receptacle capacity (compression efficiency) may vary depending on operating environment.


Suction Power (Smart Inverter Motor™) Up to 200W
Max Running Time (Dual PowerPack™) 120 min.
Dust Compaction and Easy Emptying (Kompressor™) Yes
Thumb Touch Control Yes
4 Step Telescopic Pipe Yes
5 Step Filtration System Yes
Removable and Washable Filters Yes