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Top Panel Color
Satin Sky Blue
Satin Gray
Glam Pink
Glam White
Glam Navy
Bottom Panel Color
Satin Gray
Satin Sky Blue
Glam Pink
Glam White
Glam Navy

Product Summary

  • Pair multiple products for increased capacity
  • Customisable Design
  • All-Around Cooling
  • Seamless & Sleek Design


    Built to suit your lifestyle

    Flexibly combine & configure modules

    Design your ideal refrigerator space with BESPOKE – use it as a standalone or if you want more space, you can combine it with one or more BESPOKE units. Choose between a 1-Door Fridge, Bottom Mount Freezer or even a 4-Door Flex and combine them in any permutations as you wish. Seamlessly integrate

    The outline of Bespoke RF9000, RR7000M, RB3000R is drawn with lines, and each color is painted. The colors and locations change, showing various combinations, and then the appearance of being installed together in the living room.

    *Above images are only for demonstration purposes. Pairing kit RA-C07KAAGG is required to pair two BESPOKE units. Two pairing kits will be required to combine three BESPOKE units. BESPOKE colours vary by region.

    Design your own fridge your own way

    Customisable Design

    Make your kitchen more you. With custom coloured fridge panels and a varied choice of finishes*, it's easy to express yourself and your taste with a BESPOKE refrigerator. No longer compromise on style and see your BESPOKE fridge seamlessly blend in with your kitchen. From Glam White to Satin Sky Blue, you can now choose the perfect fridge door colour for you**. Satin – Soft & Silky glass, Glam – Glossy glass.

    Satin Sky blue, Satin Gray, Glam Navy, Glam Pink, Glam White.

    Above images are only for demonstration purposes. Pairing kit RA-C07KAAGG is required to pair two BESPOKE units. Two pairing kits will be required to combine three BESPOKE units. BESPOKE colours vary by region.

    Fits perfectly into your kitchen

    Customised Fit

    Make sure that your refrigerator fits perfectly into your kitchen. Its standard depth will fully align with your cabinetry. This refrigerator can be installed as either a counter-depth style or a kitchen-fit style by aligning your kitchen cabinet.

    Above image is for Counter Depth demonstration purposes, there can be Kitchen fit design available in condition of over 700mm depth kitchen cabinet.

    Fast cooling and freezing on demand

    Power Cool / Power Freeze

    Freeze or chill your food rapidly with the Power Freeze and Power Cool options. At the touch of a button, Power Cool blows intensely cold air into the fridge to quickly cool your groceries or favourite drinks. Power Freeze delivers a fast blast of cold air into the freezer, ideal for freezing or firming up frozen food and making ice.

    Below the wine and ice cream, the graph shows that Fridge/Freezer operates faster than normal mode when using Power Mode.

    Preserves food freshness for longer

    All-Around Cooling

    Make sure that all your food is properly cooled. All-Around Cooling cools each compartment evenly from corner to corner. It continually checks the temperature and circulates cool air through strategically placed vents. So food is kept at the optimum temperature and stays fresher for longer.

    The interior of the Bespoke RB3000R is visible, and an arrow indicates the spread of cold air throughout.

    Metal Cooling feature is applied to specific models.

    No More Frost & Ice Build-Up

    No Frost Technology

    Avoid wasting time defrosting the refrigerator. The No Frost Technology enhances the circulation of air to maintain a constant temperature in every corner of the refrigerator, which prevents the build-up of frost and ice. It also reaches the target temperature much faster*, increases the cooling system’s durability, and avoids wasting power on defrosting.

    Beef is placed in the RR7000M, the left side is clean, but the right side is frosted.

    * Based on a comparison of the Samsung No frost refrigerator RB31FERNCWW and Frost refrigerator RL39THCTS. Individual results may vary depending on environmental factors and individual use.

    Opens in whichever direction you want

    Choose the direction that your fridge and freezer open with Reversible Doors. It means it is always ideal for your preferred kitchen layout. Each door can be reversed simply by changing the hinges over. Now you'll never have to worry about swinging the door into other cupboards or appliances.

    The door of the RB3000R opens to the left, closes, and then opens to the right.

    Any requirement to change the direction of door should be made prior to delivery. Additional charges may apply for subsequent door reversal request.

    Locks in cold and seals in freshness

    Metal Cooling

    Keep food fresh, even if you often open and close the freezer door. A Metal Cooling plate in the rear wall helps to maintain consistent temperature throughout the refrigerator. It retains the cold and prevents the loss of cool air when the door is open. Plus, it quickly restores any heat loss when it’s shut.

    The advantages of Metal Cooling are shown through the uniformly Chilled vegetables inside the Bespoke RB 3000R.

    Modern and sleek to suit your style

    Seamless and flat design

    In need of a modern fridge? Add a touch of premium elegance that upgrades your kitchen. The minimalist flat streamlined doors will blend harmoniously with any modern kitchen interior and fit seamlessly with your existing furniture. Plus, it can be perfectly combined with other BESPOKE modules to create the appearance of one appliance.

    Bespoke RB3000R  is installed on the left and right sides of the kitchen.

    Above image is for only demonstration purposes.

    Easily store & access food

    Full Open Box

    Store and access frozen food much more efficiently and conveniently. A spacious Full Open Box makes it easier to organise and remove a wide variety of items – even bulky foods, like a tub of ice cream. It slides out all the way for optimum use of space even if the door is only open 90 degrees.

    The Full Open Box is open at the bottom of the RB3000R and the food is full.

    Holds larger items and stores more

    Big Guard

    Keep the family happy with plenty of chilled beverages. A Big Guard shelf in the door makes it easy to store bulky containers of milk and fruit juice or big bottles, like water, soda and condiments. It also offers easy access storage for bottles up to 3 litres and two additional rows for cans.

    Long bottles are arranged neatly on the shelves of the RB3000R door.

    Clearly see every corner with brighter light

    LED Lighting

    Find ingredients more easily, and save space and money with LED lighting. It’s slimmer, brighter and more energy efficient than conventional lighting. It brilliantly illuminates every corner with a softer, more comfortable light, while creating more storage space and reducing electricity bills.

    The inside of the Bespoke RB3000R is visible and the LED light is on at the top.

    Seamlessly stylish, easy access controls

    Hidden Display

    Enjoy a stylish, but easy way to stay in control. The Hidden Display enhances the minimalist design of the front, so it blends into modern kitchens. The control panel is discreetly hidden inside, but easily accessible by opening the door, as the controls are at eye level and within arm’s reach.

    The RB3000R door is open to expose the upper display.

    Works longer with optimised performance

    Digital Inverter Technology

    Enjoy greater energy efficiency and durability with a continually optimised performance. The Digital Inverter Compressor adjusts its speed in response to cooling demand. So it’s much quieter, uses up to 50% less power*, backed up by a 10 year warranty**.

    RB3000R installed in the kitchen with the 10 Year Warranty on the compressor for Digital Inverter™ Technology logo.

    * Based on internal testing in accordance with the ISO 15502 standard.** 10 year warranty is limited to the compressor only.

    How to measure

    All specifications provided herein may be different from the actual specifications. Images are for illustrations purposes only.


    Gross total 350 ℓ
    Net for Freezer(Liter) 98 ℓ
    Net for Fridge(Liter) 230 ℓ
    Net total 328 ℓ
    Net dimension 595*1853*669 mm
    Net width 595 mm
    Net case height with hinge 1853 mm
    Net depth with door handle 669 mm
    Packing width 654 mm
    Packing height 1947 mm
    Packing depth 702 mm
    Net weight 74 kg
    Packing weight 79 kg
    No frost Yes
    Cooling type  All-Around Cooling
    Number of Drawer Yes
    Power Freeze Function Yes
    Ice Tray Yes
    Door Reversible Yes
    Door Alarm Yes
    Refrigerant R-600a
    Compressor Digital Inverter Compressor
    Cooling Cover Metal Cooling Duct
    Display Type Internal
    Door Handle Recess
    Door Type BESPOKE

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