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The most energy-efficient and compact unit for all-day moisture control. Perfect for apartment dwellers who dry their laundry indoors, ND12.8 is an all-rounder that not only keep humidity in check, but also speed up laundry drying and prevent unpleasant musty odour. Featuring 13 litres/day extraction capacity, 2.3 litres water tank, up to 350 ft2 coverage area and emitting up to 20 million/cm3 of negative ions to freshen up the indoor air. Packed with thoughtful features like precise humidity setting, sleep mode and timer functions, this unit is also designed to be energy-efficient without compromising on its efficiency. Housed in a sleek and contemporary body that adds a touch of modern chic and aesthetic flair, ND12.8 stands out visually for the minimalist to tackle the unpredictable weather, today, everyday! 

Keeping Humidity In Check

Excessive moisture in the air, especially at a relative humidity of 50% or higher, speeds up mold and mildew growth. Bacteria also thrives under these conditions, producing musty smells and unpleasant odours. Besides making it uncomfortable to breathe, high humidity can also cause unexpected damages to your indoor environment. ND12.8, the most energy-efficient, compact and reliable moisture control unit to safeguard your valuables from humidity damage.


Make the best out of your dehumidifier ND12.8! Besides functioning as a portable dehumidifier, it also doubles up as an effective and convenient drying device to speed up your indoor laundry drying. Complete your LaundryFresh Experience with 4 accompany features – dehumidifying to remove excess moisture, deodorize with enhanced dual mesh activated carbon filter to rid unpleasant musty odour, ionize with millions of negative ions to freshen up the air quality and sterilize with AirCare™ Air Sterilizer NAS03 which produced controlled ozone concentration to eliminate airborne germs.

Automated Features for Utmost Convenience

The in-built hygrostat detects the humidity level of the surrounding and compares it to the humidity level set ranges between 30% to 80%RH. When the desired humidity level is achieved, the compressor stops operation and fan speed auto adjust to low speed for a minute before coming to a stop for energy conservation. When the surrounding humidity surpasses the desired humidity level, ND12.8 intelligently resume its dehumidification function automatically.



ND12.8 comes with a useful memory function whereby it automatically saved the selected operating settings. This translates to great convenience as user do not need to reset the setting when the unit is turned on again!

Quiet + Undisturbed Operation

Upon activating the sleep mode function, unit is programmed to operate in low fan speed setting at only 35dB(A) and with all light indicators turned off for an undisturbed operation.


Simple Navigation • Intuitive Interface

 1. Sleep Mode Button
2. Timer Button
3. Humidity Setting Button
4. Power Control Button
5. Sleep Mode Indicator
6. Timer Setting Indicator
7. Humidity % Indicator
8. Full Tank Indicator
9. Anion Mode Indicator



If you are planning to leave the unit running while you are out, you will be happy to know that ND12.8 comes with a Auto Shut Off Function with notification when the water tank is full, to give you a peace of mind. Operation will auto resume after the water tank is emptied.


Dimension (W x D x H): 308 mm X 209 mm x 445 mm
Empty Weight: 10.3Kg
Power Consumption (27oC/60% RH) 152 Watts
Max Power (35oC/90% RH) 213 Watts
Extraction (30oC, 80% RH) 13 Litres/Day
Recommended CoverageΔ Dehumidifying Up to 350 ft² or 32 m²
Laundry Drying Up to 280 ft² or 26 m²
Tank Capacity 2.3 litres
Running Temperature 5 – 35 °C
Compressor Reciprocating
Coolant R134a
Negative Ion Density+ Up to 20 Million/cm³
Features • LaundryFresh™ Series
• Semi-Permanent Built-In Ionizer
• Auto Humidity Sensor
• Preferred Humidity Setting
• Sleep Mode
• Timer
• Auto Stop with Full Tank Indication
• Continuous Drainage Option
• Compact & Handy
Air Flow • Low: 126 m³/ hr
• High: 165 m³/ hr
Product Accessory • 2 Metre PE Hose (14 mm inner diameter)

Δ The recommended coverage area is based on normal domestic indoor environment usage. It is recommended to confine to the stated recommended coverage area for effective and optimum dehumidification performance.
+ Negative ion density measurement is based from source emission.
* Based on average 8 hours a day, 7 days a week usage under normal domestic indoor environment.