As we gear up for the upcoming Chinese New Year, it's the perfect time to enhance our homes and festivities. At Mega Discount Store, we've handpicked a range of appliances that will not only make your preparations a breeze but also add a touch of prosperity to your celebrations. Let's dive into the world of innovation and convenience!


🔥 Savor the Joy of Smoke-Free Barbecues

Imagine hosting a barbecue without the pesky smoke – sounds like a dream, right? Well, with the Kith SBG-KS-B1 BBQ Grill, dreams come true! Boasting a remarkable 99.99% smoke-free design, this grill uses patented Infrared Heating Technology to ensure your food is cooked to perfection. The unique Grill Pan Design is non-stick, detachable, and dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a breeze. Say goodbye to unwanted grease and oil – it effortlessly flows down to the oil tray, leaving you with more time to enjoy the festivities!


🧹 Light Up Your Home with Cleanliness

a closeup shot of the premium air purifier's control panel
Photo by: Hitachi Singapore


Getting your home ready for Chinese New Year has never been this easy! The Hitachi PV-X85M Vacuum Cleaner, with its 2-in-1 Handheld Use and a generous 70-minute* run time, is your cleaning ally. The Turbo Brush with LED Lights is a game-changer, illuminating those hard-to-reach corners and ensuring no spot is left untouched. It's time to let your home shine as brightly as your festive spirit!


🍲 A Culinary Marvel for Your Reunion Feast

Multifunctional Steam Oven on a Kitchen Countertop
Photo by: Panasonic Singapore


Planning your reunion dinner menu just got simpler with the Panasonic NN-CS89LBYPQ Steam Oven. This multifunctional wonder boasts Convection, Flat Grill, and Microwave Power, giving you endless possibilities. With 36 Auto Programmes, cooking becomes a breeze – roast a chicken, steam fish, heat milk – the options are endless! And the best part? Cleaning is virtually effortless, thanks to the stainless steel interior and Auto Cleaning programs using hot steam.


🍜 Heartwarming Reunions at Home

Gather around the Iona GLS189 Shabu Shabu Steamboat Pot for heartwarming reunion dinners. Its single pot, double flavors design and variable temperature control make it a must-have for creating memorable moments with loved ones.


❄️ Fresh Air for a Refreshing Celebration

aesthetics white fan
Photo by: Europace Singapore


While you prepare your home, ensure a breath of fresh air with the Europace EBFZ2 Slim Bladeless Fan. With Dual HEPA Air Purification, it effectively filters out pollutants and allergens. Its elegant design, upright vertical air outlet, and 12 speeds make it suitable for any room layout. Enjoy a cool and refreshing breeze while creating an inviting atmosphere for your guests.


🍷 Toast to Prosperity with Perfectly Chilled Wines

wine chiller in dining room
Photo by: Vintec Singapore


As you usher in the Chinese New Year, don't forget to toast to prosperity with perfectly chilled wines from the Vintec VWS035SBA-X Wine Chiller. With space for about 35 bottles, four shelves, and a single temperature zone, it ensures your wines are at the optimal temperature between 6 - 18°C. The UV Protected Dark Storage Area safeguards your precious wines from harmful rays, preserving their quality for a festive toast.

**Details and prices are accurate as of the date of publication
January 22, 2024 — F. Nisah

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