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Key Features
  • AI Control
  • Hygiene Steam
  • AddWash™ Door
  • Dimensions: 600 x 600 x 850 mm (WDH)
  • 2 years warranty by Samsung

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      WD7500T is germ-free, and 10-year warranty with EcoBubble, QuickDrive, and AI Control functions.


      Intelligent washing

      Wash easily and effectively with powerful AI Control. It personalises washing by remembering your habits, suggesting cycles and displaying timely information.

      The AI washer’s control panel displays the Cycle suggestion, Habits learning, Informative display and guide.

      Wi-Fi® Smart Control*

      Keep an eye on your laundry from anywhere, anytime with three smart features on the SmartThings App:

      Laundry recipe: Recommends the optimal drying cycle  based on the fabric, colour and soil-level of your clothes

      Laundry Planner: Ensures your laundry is dried according to your desired end time and schedule

      HomeCare Wizard: Monitors your dryer’s condition, with regular maintenance tips plus quick and easy remote troubleshooting support

      *Requires installation of SmartThings App on compatible Android or iOS device, with Android 6.0 and higher or iOS 10.0 and higher, and Wi-Fi® connectivity to the mobile device.

      *Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.

      *User will be solely responsible for any consequence(s) that may result from user’s implementation of the recommended wash cycle, including but not limited to any damage to articles caused by incorrect or incomplete information provided by the User.

      *The wash cycle will be recommended solely based on desired end time, and may not be appropriate based on the type of fabric or soil level of the clothing articles being washed. User is solely responsible for any consequence(s) that may result from user’s implementation of the recommended wash cycle, including but not limited to any damage to the articles caused by incorrect or incomplete information provided by the user.

      50% less wash time


      Reduce washing time by up to 50%* with Q-Bubble™ technology - its dynamic drum rotation and additional water shots to create more abundant and powerful detergent bubbles, which penetrates faster for quicker yet gentler washes when activated.

      Above the inner structure of the drum with Q-Bubble technology, the clock hand graphic indicates a 50% time-saving washing.

      * Tested on WW7000T compared with Samsung WW6500K. Saves 50% time and saves 20% energy on Cotton (40℃, half load) cycle with washing performance within ±5%. Based on Intertek data.

      Wash in 39 minutes

      Super Speed (39 mins)

      Super Speed cycle washes a load in just 39 minutes*. QuickDrive™ saves time by moving clothes dynamically, while Eco Bubble™ ensures powerful cleaning with the help of powerful bubble action. This is coupled with Speed Spray that provides additional jets of water to shorten the rinsing time and acceleration of the spin speed to provide ultra-fast washing time.

      Strong water streams are visible inside the washer door while Super Speed and Speed Spray features are shown in icons.

      * Based on using Super Speed at the default settings with a 5kg load.

      Add items any time

      Add Wash™

      Relax when you’re doing the laundry. If you’ve forgotten any clothes that need washing the Add Wash™ door lets you simply and quickly add extra items or detergent* after your wash cycle has started**. It also allows you to easily pop in hand-washed clothes that you want to rinse or spin dry.

      Extra laundry is added into the open Add Wash door by hand.

      *The AddWash™ door only opens when the drum temperature is below 50°C.
      *Only fabric items, clothing, detergent and softener can be added.

      Powerful bubbles that pack a punch


      Enjoy efficient cleaning even at low temperatures* with EcoBubble™ technology as detergent is turned into bubbles that quickly penetrate fabric and easily remove dirt. This saves energy and also protects your laundry’s colour and texture**.

      Through the bubble holes within the washing machine’s drum, bubbles from a mixture of detergent and water allows more efficient penetration to remove dirt and stains from fabric.

      * Tested in accordance with IEC 60456-2010 / 4kg Wash Load / Super Eco Wash cold (WF80F5E5U4W) vs. Cotton 40°C without Eco Bubble (WF0702WKU). Individual results may vary.
      ** Based on the Performance Lab Test report by Springboard Engineering on EMPA strips, comparing a normal detergent solution and bubble technology without mechanical action.

      Sanitise your clothes for greater peace of mind

      Hygienic cleaning

      Give clothes a deep, hygienic clean with steam that improves the cleaning quality of your wash without pre-treatments. It releases steam from the bottom of the drum, so every item is thoroughly saturated. This removes ingrained grime and 99.9%* of bacteria and reduces allergens.

      Steam Wash certified by BAF and Intertek, steam is dispersed inside the washing machine door to remove allergens and bacteria up to 99.9%.

      * Based on the Intertek test report for the Hygiene steam course. Removes 99.9% of certain bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. Individual results may vary. Based on The British Allergy Foundation (BAF) test report for the Hygiene Steam course. Removes allergens derived from house dust mites.

      Heated air to deodorise and sanitise your clothes

      Air Wash

      Keep clothes hygienically fresh, even without water and detergent. Unpleasant odours as well as 99.9%* of bacteria are removed using just the power of heated air – no need for boiling water or costly and potentially harmful chemicals.

      To show cleanliness, a strong air current is being blown to a white shirt where it stands next to an open dryer door.

      * Based on the Intertek test report. Removes 99.9% of certain bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. Individual results may vary.

      Durable performance

      Digital Inverter Technology

      Digital Inverter Technology utilises strong magnets for a quieter* and more powerful performance, but consumes less energy than a Universal Motor. By eliminating the use of brushes, it provides outstanding durability** – backed-up by an 11 year warranty.Components of the Digital Inverter is shown in detail along with a 10-year warranty tag below.

      * Generally, the level of reduction is 5dBA and 3dBA for washing and spinning cycle respectively. The data is based on ERP label, F500 8kg 1400rpm WF80F5E5P4W with a Digital Inverter Motor and Vistula 8kg 1400rpm WF1804WPC with a Universal Motor.
      ** Awarded a 23 year durability certification by the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies in Germany (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker – VDE). Actual lifespan may vary depending on the usage circumstances.

      Keep the washer fresh

      Drum Clean +

      Keep the door and inside of your washer hygienically clean. Drum Clean + removes dirt and 99.9%* of odor-causing bacteria from the drum, without costly detergent. A powerful water jet and fast spinning also remove grime from around the door gasket. And it notifies you when it needs cleaning**.

      * Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria from the inside of the washer and removes dirt from the rubber gasket. Based on testing by Intertek of the Drum Clean + cycle.
      ** Provides a notification after every 40 cycles.

      The washer drum is surrounded by clean water and water jets are cleaning the inside. Close-up image of a clean door gasket.

      Cleans away residue

      StayClean Drawer

      No more wasted detergent or manually cleaning out leftover residue. The machine uses a specially designed water flushing system to keep the tray clean and more hygienic, removing unsi

      Intensive cleaning

      Bubble Soak

      Get clothes spotlessly clean, even if they’re really dirty. The Bubble Soak function helps remove a wide variety of stubborn stains, like blood, tea, wine, make-up and grass. Clothes are thoroughly soaked in active bubbles, so dirt and stains are loosened and can be removed more effectively*.

      * Tested in accordance with IEC 60456 5th edition / 8kg Wash Load / Bubble Soak Wash vs. Cotton 40/60°C, Synthetic 60°C, and Denim 40°C without Bubble Soak.


      DRYING CAPACITY 6.0 kg
      BODY COLOR White
      DOOR Tint Door
      PANEL DISPLAY AI Control
      WATER EFFICIECNY 4 ticks
      • QuickDrive
      • AddWash
      • Spin speed: 1400 rpm
      • Bubble Soak
      • Bubble technology
      • Digital inverter technology
      • VRT+
      • Auto dispenser
      • Language setting
      • Smart control
      • Child lock
      • Delay end
      • Door lock
      • Drum clean+
      • Swirl plus drum type
      • Cold Water Inlet
      • Intensive
      • My cycle
      • Pre wash
      • StayClean drawer
      • Steam
      • Super speed
      • Time dry
      • 59' wash+dry
      • Speed wash+dry
      • AI Wash
      • Active Wear
      • Air Wash
      • Bedding
      • Cloudy Day
      • Colors
      • Cotton
      • Delicates
      • Drain/Spin
      • Drum Clean+
      • E cotton
      • Outdoor 
      • Rinse + spin
      • Shirts
      • Silent wash
      • Super eco wash
      • Super speed
      • Synthetics
      • Towels
      • Wash+dry
      • Wool
      • Cotton dry
      • Synthetics dry
      • 15' quick wash
      • Hygiene Steam
      Net Dimension (WxHxD) 600 x 850 x 600 mm
      Gross Dimension (WxHxD) 680 x 890 x 706 mm
      Net/ Gross Weight 68/ 72kg
      Smart WiFi Embedded
      App Connectivity SmartThings App Support