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Ultimate access to dust and outstanfing filtration performance

Discover Air Force 360 Flex Pro cordless handstick vacuum cleaner, featuring an ingenious flexible tube that reaches up to 5 times further under low furniture without ever bending over. Track dust everywhere and achieve a spotless home in no time with high suction power of 100 Air Watts and optimal filtration performance up to 99.99% thanks to unique filter design. Fast in straight lines and agile in corners, this cordless vacuum cleaner was built to impress, with unmatched performance. The unique head - with LED lights that leave dust nowhere to hide - and integrated brushes cover every inch of your home from floor to ceiling. Air Force 360 Flex Pro comes with an animal care kit, ideal for pet owners, including a mini electro brush and more. Reach out for adventure...!

* thanks to Flex technology and slim suction head, vs rigid tubes / ** Up to 99.99% filtration performance according to internal tests


Ultimate access to dust

Discover a new way of vacuuming with disconcerting ease thanks to a smart design featuring a FLEX tube to vacuum everywhere without bending over. 

Up to  99.99% Filtration Performance*

The high performance filter guarantees up to 99.99% dust filtration.

100AW suction power for exceptional results

The new digital brushless motor puts exceptional performance at your fingertips, with 100 air watts suction power and impressive dust pick-up on all surfaces.

360-degree reach

The 3 vacuuming positions (high reach, surface, floor) enable to reach dust anywhere and deeply clean any surface.

Ingenious LED lights for leaving no chance to dust

The "Power Slim Vision" suction head features LED lights for greater visibility when cleaning in low-light areas such as under furniture. 

Smart features and design for ultimate comfort

The ergonomic design enables to vacuum without holding your finger on the trigger and to easily empty the dust container.

Impressive autonomy that will never let you down

Enjoy a 35-minute running time using the handheld on powerful standard position: the 21.9V Lithium Ion battery includes a 3-hour fast-charge capacity to let you clean.

Full range of accessories for animal & car care

Enjoy animal & car care accessories kit: a mini motorized brush for deep cleaning and ideal to vacuum animal hairs, an XL crevice tool to remove dust in every nook and cranny of your car. On top, also discover: a sofa brush to cleanse furniture fabrics, an extension wand accessory to vacuum on hard to reach furniture, and a convenient charging base.



Cordless handstick category All in 1 handstick  
Technology Cyclonic Technology  
Motorization Brushless motor  
Power speed position 2  

Battery type Lithium ion  
Recharging time 3  
Recharging type Wall mounted base  
Running time (using the handheld on powerful standard position) 35

Suction Head shape Rectangular  
Brush bar cleaning system    

Dust container capacity 0.65  L

Sound Level 81  dB(A)

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