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Product Summary

  • All Round Design: Lines and arrows show The Freestyle automatically adjusting a picture that is slanted forward into an even, rectangular screen. The Freestyle moves to the side of the room and casts a picture that is slanted sideways. Lines and arrows show The Freestyle automatically adjusting the screen.
  • Instant Setup: Sound waves ripple outward from The Freestyle's speakers as it sits upright on a table.
  • Premium 360 Sound: The Freestyle casts the Smart TV GUI full of apps and shows.
  • Smart TV Experience

    *does not include screen installation.

    Unexpected joy everywhere

    Portable, powerful and surprisingly simple


    Put your screen wherever you want

    180˚ Dynamic Angle

    Find the perfect viewing angle. Shift your screen easily from the wall to the ceiling. Just tilt and go.

    The smallest portable TV

    Compact Design

    Meet The Freestyle. Its a Smart TV-cum-Projector-cum-Speaker all in one. Carry your source of entertainment with you wherever you go.

    Hand holding Samsung The Freestyle.

    Ready for your next adventure


    Lightweight. Easy to carry. Take The Freestyle wherever you go and enjoy big screen moments anytime, anywhere.

    *Product may not properly function under severe dust and humidity.

    Portable battery compatible

    USB Type-C Power Cable

    Connect The Freestyle to an external battery pack with the USB-C cable provided for portable usage. The Freestyle is compatible with external batteries that are USB-PD and 65W/20V output or above.

    USB Type-C power cable is included with purchase of The Freestyle. External battery sold separately. Samsung is not liable for 3rd party external batteries.

    Align & adjust automatically

    Auto Keystone

    The Freestyle automatically corrects distorted images for a perfectly rectangular screen no matter the angle. All you have to do is turn it on and start watching.

    Auto focus for clear images

    Auto Focus

    The Freestyle automatically focuses for a sharp, clear image in seconds. So you can just focus on the content.

    Uneven ground? No problem

    Auto Leveling

    Auto Leveling ensures that your screen stays level on any standing surface - including rocky camping grounds, soft beds, and everything in between.

    Big screen magic, up to 100"

    30-100" Screen

    The Freestyle can project screens from 30 inches up to an incredible 100 inches. Make your own home theatre with screens as big as 100 inches.

    Find the sweet spot for your screen

    Scale and Move

    Adjust your screen without moving the projector. Scale down by up to 50% and move in all four directions until you find that perfect position.

    See the true colour

    Smart Calibration

    No white wall? The Freestyle optimises projection based on wall colour for your watching experience.

    *Performance may vary depending on wall colours. Requires compatible mobile devices (2019 Galaxy S/ Note/ Z Flip/ Z Fold, 2019 iPhone or later) and SmartThings app download and installation. For the best results, a dark environment is recommended.

    Omni-directional 360˚ Sound

    360-degree Speaker (5W)

    The Freestyle’s powerful built-in speaker delivers rich 360-degree sound, so you’ll get an immersive audio experience from wherever you’re sitting.

    Experience every moment in brilliant picture quality

    1080p Full HD / PurColour / HDR Compatible

    Immerse yourself in the middle of the scene with Full HD resolution and real, vivid colour.

    5 people are having a party outdoors with colorful confetti flying in the air.

    *Viewing experience may vary according to types of content and format.

    The smart way to access your favourite content

    Smart TV powered by Tizen

    Smart TV brings you a world of content with certified OTT apps as well as Samsung's own services.

    The Freestyle casts the Smart TV GUI full of apps and shows.

    *Smart services and GUI (Graphic User Interface) may vary by model, country, language. Some services are available to watch after registration and subscription.

    Just say what you want

    Bixby voice assistant

    With built-in Samsung Bixby, you can control The Freestyle with just your voice.

    A woman is talking to The Freestyle saying "Turn on The Freestyle", "Turn up the volume", "Play chillout music", and "What's the weather today?" The †Bixby' and †Alexa built-in' logos are displayed on the bottom.

    Mirror your mobile to the big screen

    Mobile Mirroring

    Stream content straight from your phone, with SmartThings app for Android and iOS, or AirPlay 2 for Apple devices.

    *This service only works when TV and mobile are turned on. Requires SmartThings app download and installation. Apple and AirPlay 2 are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. AirPlay 2 requires iOS 12.3 or later, or macOS 10.14.5 or later. Apple AirPlay may not be supported depending on the model or geographical area.

    Just tap to mirror

    Tap View

    Simply tap your smartphone anywhere on The Freestyle to mirror your content to the screen.

    *This service only works when TV and mobile are turned on. Tap View is available on Samsung Galaxy devices with Android OS 8.1 and higher.

    Connect and watch your TV on The Freestyle

    Samsung TV access

    Mirror, control and watch your TV via The Freestyle.

    The Freestyle is connected to the living room TV and plays live TV content in the bedroom.

    *This service only works with compatible TV models (2017 Samsung Q70 and above). Mirroring feature is intended only for personal, private, and non-commercial use. Individual Wi-Fi Direct network conditions may affect picture quality and connection.

    The Freestyle in a colorful living room. The Freestyle by a man at the skatepark. A woman poses in front of a bright, projected pattern. The Freestyle tilted at a three-quarter angle with a colorful patterned background.

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