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  • Capacity : 20.0 kg
  • Ultra-Stream Wash
  • Powered Inverter
  • Auto Self Clean
  • Allergy UK Approval
  • Fine Water Control
  • Shower Plus
  • Ultra Stream Wing
  • 3-step Eco Sensor
  • 11 Wash Program
  • Tangle Free Finish
  • Memory Option
  • Body Colour :
    WM-SF-160XTV-colour-sl Silver (SL)
  • Dimensions
    Width : 724mm
    Height : 1158mm
    Depth : 744mm

Warranty and Features

Powered Inverter 4auto-self-cleanallergy  cekap-air  10-yr-warranty-motor

Key Features

Ultra-Stream Wash

Ultra Stream Wash

Fine Water Control

Water Power

Water Power

Simply pressing the Water Power button lets you change water flow from Powerful (2) to Soft (-2) in five steps. Choose Powerful for hard, thick items, and Soft for soft, delicate items.

Shower Plus

Shower Plus

You can add water as desired during a wash while looking through the glass to check. Simply press the Shower Plus button once, and the water level increases by one. To stop the water at a desired level, just press the Shower Plus button once more.

Fine Adjustment Settings

Fine Adjustment Settings

Just Press the up/down buttons until the water level, wash time, number of rinses and spin time settings are desired.

Auto Self Clean - The Tub Stain Fighter

ASC 01

 A shower of clean water cleans both the tubs as the stainless steel tub rotates at high speed.

ASC 02

The blades and tub rotate to powerfully agitate water in the stainless steel tub and clean off dirt.

Push Open Assisted Top

Push open 01  Push open 03Push open 02










Push a button and the lid opens to let you easily lift it up. And because it's spring and damper assisted, as well as opening lightly, it closes quietly and softly, preventing you from getting a finger caught.

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