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Product Summary

  • Twin Cooling Plus™ ensures optimal humidity care
  • Convertible freezer & fridge with 5 conversion modes
  • Power Freeze and Power Cool function

Ultimate Freshness

Twin Cooling Plus™ technology cools the fridge and freezer compartments separately with two independent cooling systems, creating an optimal environment for keeping food fresh longer with 70% humidity, compared to 30% in a conventional top mount freezer*.

*Based on internal testing comparing Samsung models RT22SCSW2 and RT6000K.

Delicious and odour-free frozen food

Twin Cooling Plus™ technology prevents unpleasant odours from mixing between the fridge and freezer, ensuring the original flavor of ingredients stored in the freezer is preserved and odourless.

5 Conversion Modes for flexible storage

Enjoy the convenience of having 5 different conversion modes to choose from. Easily convert your freezer into a fridge at a push of a button, ideal for when you need more space to store your fresh food. Or simply switch off the fridge compartment when leaving your home for a long vacation to conserve energy.

5 Conversion Modes on demand


  • Net Total(Liter): 500 ℓ
  • Net for Freezer(Liter): 125 ℓ
  • Net for Refrigerator(Liter): 375 ℓ
  • Gross Total(Liter): 516 ℓ
  • Gross for Freezer(Liter): 138 ℓ
  • Gross for Refrigerator(Liter): 378 ℓ
Physical specification
  • Net Width(mm): 790 mm
  • Net Case Height with Hinge(mm): 1785 mm
  • Net Depth with Door Handle(mm): 720 mm
  • Net Depth without Door Handle(mm): 720 mm
  • Net Depth without Door(mm): 633 mm
  • Packing Width(mm) :846 mm
  • Packing Height(mm): 1874 mm
  • Packing Depth(mm): 770 mm
  • Net Weight(kg): 83 kg
  • Packing Weight(kg): 89 kg
  • 20/40/40H (Container): 19/42/42

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