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Key Features
  • Diamond and Titanium Coating (Inside) &Copper Coating (Outside)
  • Bincho Charcoal Far-infrared Inner Frame surrounding the inner pot
  • 5mm Thick Non-Stick Inner Pot
  • 2 years warranty by Toshiba

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Roundness"is the secret of flavor
The rounded pot bottom angled at 60° combines with the curved sides to create intensive thermal convection. As a result, heat is carried quickly to esch grain of rice, making the rice delicious.


Toshiba's orginal manufacturing method of liquid metal forging.
Featuring high-temperature aluminum moled at high pressure. 500 tons of pressure is applied to raise density and strenght, creating an inner pot with high heating efficiency, and each pot formed perfectly rounded.


Binchotan in your kitchen
Because it has a highly porous structure, Binchotan makes a good water purifier that absorbs chlorine and unwanted smells to improve the overall taste of tap water. If you add a piece when cooking rice, it can improve the taste by absorbing undesirable substances in the water and releasing some minerals.


Last but not least, Binchotan to go into your stomach!
Yes. This means eating charcoal. This might sound outrageous, but actually, charcoal has been used medically for a long time. Activated charcoal is considered to be medicine's most powerful adsorbent and as such, it readily works to adsorb many toxins, poisons and heavy metals from the body, rendering them harmless. Activated charcoal is a non-toxic antidote that has been used effectively as far back as the Egyptian dynasty and possibly longer.


Even more delicious with Toshiba's orignal vacuum technology.
The vacuum pump draws the air inside the pot, and the water is absorbed to the center of the rice grain in a short time. The rice in heated from the center and it is still tasty evenafter cooling down.


6 modes
Regular, Delicious, Hard, Sticky, Quick, Mixed