Novita NAP866 80m² AIR PURIFIER


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Product Summary

  • Dual Air Quality Sensor
  • Real Time Laser PM2.5 Display;
  • Chemical Pollutant Sensor
  • Chemical Pollutant Index Indicator
  • DC Brushless Motor System
  • PuriPRO™ Filtration System
  • 99.97% True HEPA Filter


Product details of Novita NAP866 80m² AIR PURIFIER





Dimensions (W x D x H) 410 mm x 245 mm x 615 mm

CADR (Smoke PM2.5)

 The clean air delivery rate (CADR) in terms of Smoke (PM2.5) removal is performed in accordance to AHAM AC-1-2015 Standard. CFM unit is equivalent to ft3/min, m3/hr unit is derived from CFM conversion. Based on novita PM2.5 filter. 

346 CFM / 588m³/hr
Net Weight 13.1 kg
Speed Setting ► Turbo
► High
► Medium
► Low
► Silent
Recommended Coverage ►80 m²
►60 m²
►42 m²
►25 m²
►15 m²
Air Flow Rate ► 800 m³/hr
► 600 m³/hr
► 420 m³/hr
► 250 m³/hr
► 150 m³/hr 
Power Consumption ►87 Watts
►49 Watts
►27 Watts
►16 Watts
►13 Watts
Noise Level ► 60 dB
► 55 dB
► 47 dB
► 38 dB
► 35 dB

Filter Unit Capacity*

*Based on average 8 hours a day, 7 days a week usage under normal domestic indoor environment.

PuriPROTM 3-in-1 Filter - Cool Catalyst + Granular Activated Carbon + 99.97% True HEPA - Suggested Replacement: 24 months (Approx. 6000 hours)

PuriPROTM Filtration System

Step 1:   Washable Mesh Filter
Step 2:   Cool Catalyst Filter
Step 3:   Granular Activated Carbon Filter
Step 4:   99.97% True HEPA FIlter
Step 5:   Built-in Ionizer (Semi-Permanent)

Negative Ion Density+

+ Negative ion density measurement is based from source emission. 

Up to 40 million/ cm³


►Dual Air Quality Sensor
►Real Time Laser PM2.5 Display;
►Chemical Pollutant Sensor
►Chemical Pollutant Index Indicator
►DC Brushless Motor System
►PuriPRO™ Filtration System
►99.97% True HEPA Filter
►Semi-permanent Built-in Ionizer
►49w Power Efficiency^
    ^based on High Fan Speed Setting
►Auto DiagnosticMode
►Turbo Mode
►Silent Mode
►Smart Night Mode
►5 Fan Speed Setting 
►Smart Filter Diagnosis
►Filter Replacement Indicator
►Cleaning and Maintenance Indicator
►Modish Design


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