Product Summary

  • 99% removal of harmful substances
  • Rapid Clean
  • Twin Tornado Dual Fan
  • Light Weight、Low Noise
  • Certified by Intertek、British Allergy Foundation
  • Bluetooth App
  • 1 year warranty by LG



Clean, Reliable Air

You can trust LG PuriCare™ Mini Air Purifier, which earned various certifications including “Clean Performance” from Intertek and “Allergen Removal Performance.”

Intertek Certified

Certified to remove 99%* of 0.3-micron ultra-fine dust, particles which can cause disease and include harmful substances like heavy metals.

*Tested by Intertek. 99% clearance of 0.3㎛ particulate matter at the High Speed Mode(H) within 155 minutes in the space of 8㎥ (Results may vary on depending on the environment and use of the unit).

4-Step Filtration System

Breathe More Easily Than Ever

The power of dual inverter motors draws in allergens and ultra-fine dust after detecting contaminants, and dual clean fans send out clean air blow farther, wider, and faster.

4-Color Smart Display

The PM 1.0 Sensor provides real-time detection of ultra-fine dust and intuitively displays the air condition using four colors.

4-Color Smart Display1

Dual Inverter Motor

Dual inverter motors realize faster and more powerful air flow and purification.

Dual Inverter Motor1

Total Allergen Removal Filter

Ultra-fine all-in-one type allergen dust filter with a lifespan of 2,000* hours perfectly removes 99%** of general dust, super-fine dust, and allergens.

Total Allergen Removal Filter1

Twin Tornado Dual Fan

Outstanding air flow and powerful dual fans can fill a space with clean air farther, wider, and faster.

Twin Tornado Dual Fan1

*Based on 50% reduction of 0.3μm micron dust removal rate compared to the filter's initial dust collection performance (using the strong wind mode operation and filter life measurement standard of the Eco Energy Research Institute)

**Tested by Intertek. 99% clearance of 0.3㎛ particulate matter at the High Speed Mode(H) within 155 minutes in the space of 8㎥ (Results may vary on depending on the environment and use of the unit).

530g, 30dB

Clean Air for Every Moment

LG PuriCare™ Mini is not only light enough to carry in one hand, but it also has wireless capabilities so you can take it anywhere. Enjoy clean air every moment with improved technology and reduced noise.


530g Light Weight

It's as light as a water bottle (500ml), even when including the internal battery, making it easy to take along when you travel.

530g Light Weight1

Battery for Up to 8 Hours

Easily charge it with a USB cable and use it freely anywhere, anytime, for up to 8 hours*.

Battery for Up to 8 Hours1

30dB** Low Noise

With sound as quiet as a whisper, you can take it to the office, library, or any other quiet area without disturbing anyone around you.

30dB** Low Noise1

*Based on usage at Low Speed Mode (2 hours in case of continuing usage at the High Speed Mode)
**Based on the L (Low Speed) Mode. Noise test result by TUV-Rh, the international certification agency, at the distance of 70cm from the unit at L (Low Speed) Mode. The results may vary depending on the user's environment.

Bluetooth App

Convenient Smart Control

The special features include automatic notifications, remote control of wind intensity, filter information, and checks for real-time ambient air condition, pollution history, and battery level.


Discover the Perfection

Long-lasting and low-cost filters mean you don't have to worry about costs. The LG PuriCare™ Mini Air Purifier can even be used in cars, thanks to its safe and secure mount.

Easy Control

All functions are easily operated with only two buttons on the top. When all three lights are on, Turbo mode is activated to effectively remove dust.


Power consumption [W] 12W
Size [mm]
69 x 200 x 64
Weight [kg] 0.53
CADR [m3/hr] 13
Applicable area [m2] 1.8
Noise [dB] 43/30
Filter Pre filter(Replacement type) x 1ea
Filter Dust filter(H13) x 1ea
Dust Filter Grade E11
Sensor - Deodorizing sensor Yes
Sensor - PM1.0 sensor Yes
Wi-Fi (ThinQ) BLE

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