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  • 4 levels of filtration
  • Filter-change indicator


Intense Pure Air Connect purifier: Pure air for a healthier life

Breathe in a healthier life! The Intense Pure Air Connect purifier captures up to 99.99% of allergens and fine particles thanks to a new four-level filtration system that includes patented NanoCaptur technology to permanently destroy harmful formaldehyde*. At just 20 dB(A) on Silent mode, this discreet air purifier is two times quieter** yet both fast and powerful, purifying the air in as little as 10 minutes on the Boost setting. The air cleaner's smart technology automatically detects air quality and adjusts the speed accordingly, adapting itself to the time of day with Auto-Day and Auto-Night modes so you can relax. Rounding it all off are a slew of convenient features for total comfort of use, including a 3D Pure Air grid for optimal air circulation, a modern touch panel with 8-hour timer and delayed-start functions, and a filter-change indicator so that each filter is always up to date. And thanks to the connected app, you can monitor and control your air quality from wherever you are, as well as receive real-time recommendations for healthier air. Intense Pure Air Connect: purer air is always at your fingertips!

* External test done on True HEPA Allergy+ filter according to JIS B 9908 standard test methodology, 2017

* Tested in an external laboratory, November 2014

* Tested in an external laboratory, November 2014

** Tested in comparison with current Tefal Intense Pure Air PU406XXX at minimum speed


Permanently destroys formaldehyde*

Intense Pure Air is the only air purifier that permanently destroys formaldehyde while other filtration technologies only trap it and release up to 99.99% formaldehyde filtered*

Fast purification

180 m3/h CADR plus boost mode for air purification in as little as 10 minutes.

Twice as quiet

At only 20 dB(A) on Silent mode, it is two times quieter,* for discreet filtration and undisturbed sleep. * vs current Rowenta Intense Pure Air PU406XXX at minimum speed.

4 levels of filtration

A new high-efficiency filter captures up to 99.99% of allergens and fine particles* thanks to 4 levels of filtration: 1) Pre-filter for pet/human hair and dust 2) Active Carbon Filter for smoke, odors, VOCs and chemical pollutants 3) Allergy+ Filter for fine particles, pollen, pet danders, dust mites, mold, bacteria and viruses 4) Exclusive and patented NanoCaptur Filter to permanently destroy formaldehyde, a highly toxic indoor air pollutant * Tested in an external laboratory, November 2014

Connected solution

The Pure Air app in partnership with Plume Labs features indoor and outdoor air quality indicators with real-time recommendations on how to breathe better air. At the same time, it lets you control the speed, auto-mode and timer functions from wherever you are.

Smart system

Automatically detects air pollution and adjusts speed accordingly, with adapted Auto-Day mode and Auto-Night mode with mood lighting.

3D Pure Air grid

Adjustable air outlet orientation, for optimal air circulation and maximum comfort of use.

Comfort of use

A modern touch panel with timer and delayed-start functions of up to 8 hours, for total comfort of use.

Filter-change indicator

Conveniently signals when each individual filter needs changing.



Type of technology Filtration  
NanoCaptur Technology Yes
Number of speeds 4  
Air Quality Indicator Yes
Control panel Electronical  
Timer 1 / 2 / 4 / 8  h
Delayed Start 1 / 2 / 4 / 8 h  
Weekly program Yes
Filter change indicator Yes
Adjustable grid Yes
Additional included accessories Active Carbon Filter, Hepa Filter, NanoCaptur Filter
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