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Philips PHILIPS M8881B Cordless Phone with Answering Machine


Product Summary

Impeccable craftsmanship meets iconic style with the Philips M8 cordless phone. Advanced manufacturing transforms premium materials into a work of art, heralding a new class of designer home phone that is a pleasure to behold.


  • Sensually curved handset for pure balance and comfort
  • Sophisticated design with genuine metal highlights
  • Talk up to 18 hours on a single charge
  • Up to 60 min. message on your answering machine

Model Number: M8881B

Key Features

Calibrated, seamlessly integrated keys for precise dialing

The calibrated keypad allows you to clearly feel every keystroke whenever you are dialing a number or entering a phonebook contact. Detailed study of keypad materials and structures, as well as extensive user tests result in the right balance between the key pressing force and the key response to ensure precise dialing.

Low radiation (ECO and ECO+ modes) and power consumption

Philips phones are energy efficient and designed to be respectful to the environment. The power consumed by them in stand-by mode is less than 0.75 W. When ECO mode is activated the emitted radiation is reduced by up to 60%, and up to 95% when the phone is charging. Whith ECO+ mode activation the radiation drops to zero.

Handset speakerphone allows you to talk handsfree

Handsfree mode uses a built-in loud speaker to amplify the voice of the caller, allowing you to speak and listen during a call without holding the phone to your ear. This is especially useful if you want to share the call with others or simply multitask.

Charge handset either way around

For reliability and convenience the handset can be charged in both directions of the docking station.

Privacy settings: call barring, silence mode with filtering

Value your privacy and quiet at home? Easily disable the ringtones for specific "no call" times to enjoy peace and silence. An additional filtering function allows any number chosen from the phone book to still ring when calling, making sure that only "right" people can reach you. Thanks to call barring you can avoid expensive phone bill surprises by blocking calls to specific numbers, to numbers starting with certain digits (for example pay per call numbers) or to specific area codes.

Smart, nicely designed cable management

The smart cable management system cleverly hides the wires from sight. Intelligently designed concealed sockets and an internal cable guide ensure everything is clutter free and neatly tucked away.

Advanced sound testing and tuning for superb voice quality

HQ-Sound refers to high quality acoustic engineering that results in voice quality so crisp and natural it is almost like being there in person. High quality components, precise acoustic design, advanced testing and fine tuning reflect decades of experience in high end audio systems and headphones. With MySound you can tune voice reproduction to your liking.

Charge handset either way around

For reliability and convenience the handset can be charged in both directions of the docking station.

Up to 60 min. message on your answering machine

With up to 60 minutes recording time on your answering machine, you’ll never miss an important message.
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