Panasonic Panasonic Large LCD On Base & Cordless Handset KX-TG6451



Product Summary


  • Power Back-Up Operation
  • 100-Name Phonebook & Phonebook

Model Number: KX-TG6712CX

Key Features

Twin Handset Cordless Phone That Works in a Power Cut

Home communications have never been more simple, or reliable. The KX-TG6712 is incredibly easy to use and our unique Panasonic technology means that even when the power fails, this Cordless Phone won't. Most people don't realise until it's too late, that their Cordless Phone must have power to communicate with the handset. Not being able to make calls during a power cut isn't just inconvenient; it could be the difference between life and death during a real crisis. The KX-TG6712 incorporates a clever Power Failure Talk System; during a black out you simply place a handset on the base to supply the power stored in your handset to the base unit, then you can make calls even when the power is out.

Smart Features For Easy Operation

By utilising the Smart top key, Incoming Call Block and Night Mode, you can control calls so they don't intrude on your life, yet still be available for the really important people. Turn the Phone onto silent and then simply use the flashing top key to know when the Phone is ringing, or if a new message has been stored. Alternatively, the Incoming Call Block and Night Mode functions allow you to customise your Phone so that it only rings when certain people call. This is fantastic for when you are sleeping and don't want to be disturbed, yet still need to receive calls from close friends or family.

Amazing Clear Calls

You can rely on the KX-TG6712's outstanding audio quality, even when you are far away from the base unit. Enjoy conversations in the backyard or the garage, thanks to a high-precision error correction system that ensures clear conversations with less voice interruptions. This remarkable Phone also features a customised sound mode, allowing you to adjust the pitch of phone voices; meaning users of all ages can talk comfortably and be easily heard.
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