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  • 420 kWh/year
  • Ag Clean
  • R600a

Premium Flat Refrigerator with Bottom Freezer Convenience
Model Number: NR-BY608XSSG


Full-flat, Sophisticated Design

The simple, full-flat door have no frames, bumps, or depressions to get in the way of the aesthetically pleasing design. Also stylish electrostatic touch control panel design adds a beautiful accent.

Experience more freshness than ever!

Prime Fresh freezing freezes food to approx. -3°C, so only the surface of items is lightly frozen.

-3˚C Prime Fresh freezing is this convenient!

1. Cooking without Defrosting
Since only the surface of food is soft frozen, you can cut it easily without defrosting.

2. Flavor Lasts Longer
It can keep food in a near-raw state, maintaining its delicious flavor and texture.

3. Keeps Nutrition
There is hardly any drip as you don’ t need to defrost, so there's minimal loss of nutrients and umami flavor.

4. Less Odor
It minimizes the generation of odors, so there's less worry of odors spreading.

New Style of Refrigerator with Freezer at the Bottom

The freezer, where heavy items tend to accumulate, is located at the bottom, while the often-used fridge is on top.

Easy Access, Drawer-type Freezer

The drawer-type bottom freezer offers smooth, easy access. Also, looking down on items makes it easier than ever to find just what you want. As well as enabling neat, divided storage, the separate cases make it harder for odors to spread for more hygienic storage.

Moisture-retaining, Fresh safe Vegetable Case

The vegetable case stores vegetables and fruits in the
optimum conditions with high humidity and constant
temperature to keep them fresh and juicy for a longer
period of time.

* Panasonic in-house data


Hygienic Storage with Anti-bacterial and Deodorizing Effects

Silver has a powerful anti-bacterial effect, inactivating 99%* of mold and bacteria inside the refrigerator. This effect is semi-permanent so there's no need to replace it. Also, an active enzyme effectively resolves unpleasant fish and vegetable odors.

*Certified by Japan Spinners Inspecting Foundation Laboratories. Test report number: No. 003557-1, 003557-2

Surround Cooling Airflow

Cold air from the rear panel is blown upwards and to the sides to surround stored items for gentle cooling.

ECONAVI Gets Results by Adjusting to Your Lifestyle

The ECONAVI refrigerator monitors the level of lighting and temperature in the room, when and how often the fridge doors are opened, and the fridge’s internal temperature. It analyzes and responds to this information to maintain ideal cooling and avoid wasting energy.

* ECONAVI operates only when the temperature setting is “MED” for the freezer compartment. *1 <Test conditions> Panasonic in-house data. Ambient temperature: 32°C, when the temperature setting of the refrigerator is “MED”. Door opening/closing frequency: fridge compartment 35 times, freezer compartment 7 times. Load: 625 g test package in the freezer compartment, 2.5L of water in the fridge compartment. If there is a power outage, ECONAVI functions may not operate normally.

Advanced Japanese Technologies That Truly Make Life Better

In the pursuit of innovation and convenience, we continue to uphold quality completely. The origins of our product development can be found in this commitment, and it is part of Japan’s manufacturing DNA that has been passed down in an unbroken line for generations. Based on the stringent quality standards that have been cultivated in Japan, we are now delivering Panasonic products that have been developed and manufactured at our global locations.


More Advanced Cooling with Intelligent Inverter Control

A refrigerator is always on, so it uses more electricity than any other household appliance. But there’s no need to worry with a smart inverter refrigerator. It varies power to suit the situation – more power during the day when it’s often opened and closed, and less power during the night when it’s hardly used. The result is extremely efficient operation for dramatic energy saving, less noise and quick, powerful cooling.




SPECIFICATIONS Gross Capacity (IEC 62552) Total 602 L
Refrigerator Compartment (PC) 449 L
Freezer Compartment (FC) 153 L
Vegetable compartment (VC) 46.5 L ( Water Volume)
Product Dimension (W x D x H) 775 x 741 x 1846 mm
Defrost Type Automatic Defrost
Energy Consumption 420 kWh/year
Energy Level 2 Tick
Net Weight 85 Kg
Gross Weight 94 Kg
Voltage 220 - 240 V
Hertz 50 Hz
Number of Doors 2
Body Color Stainless Color
Crisper (Vegetable Case) Yes
Bottom Case Prime Freshfreezing Case
Egg Tray Yes
LED Light Yes
Adjustable Tray Yes
Adjustable Door Rack Yes
FREEZER COMPARTMENT (FC) Drawer Freezer Door Yes
Twist Ice Tray Yes
Ice Box Yes
Freezer Case Top Yes
Freezer Case Bottom Yes
Quick Ice Making Yes
Door Control Panel Touch Screen
Compressor Inverter
Quick Freezing Yes
Refrigerant R600a
Urethane Insulation Cyclopentane Yes
Door Alarm Yes (PC,FC)
Fresh&Clean Yes
Ag Clean (Anti Bacteria & Deodorizer) Yes
Fresh Safe Yes

Refrigerator NR-BY608


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